Friday, December 24, 2010

You be my ginger bread and I'll be your candy cane

Yeah, had a great day yesterday.  The first really good day in a while.  I owned with Hopkins at Euchre yesterday, we were an unstoppable duo.  No one could contend with us.  A force to be reckoned.  We won 5 out of 5 games we played.  I had a beautiful loner hand (which I was too wimpy to actually go loner on....).  It was awesome.  Also won a sock full of spare change and some soco!  Then, we hung out at the Morrison Clan's new place and Mr. and Mrs. Morrison watched Bear and Athena and we went to Vegiterranian, Chrissie Hinyd's vegan restaurant.  It was so good.  And I gave Ann maple syrup cotton candy and I think I might be able to claim best xmas gift she got so far.  That one might be hard to top...

Maybe I give myself too much credit.  But surely, it's mostly in jest.  Mostly.  

I have a pretty big headache today but I'm not gonna let it ruin my day, seriously, it's gonna be another kick ass day.  It is.  I just have that feeling.  

Some music?  Here you go....

Asians in spacesuits.

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