Saturday, September 14, 2013

Even if we're underground you know that we'll be safe and sound

Haunted house season!  My freaking favorite.  :)

Anyway, my brother had a truly boss idea and I think we are going to do it one night, we are all going to go down on a friday night to columbus and get a hotel and hit a bunch of haunted houses one night and the next day go to the columbus zoo.  Ry and the kids are going to come down and (not enjoy the haunted houses) go to the zoo with us. FUN!!!

Here's a bunch of ideas that I'm posting here so I don't forget.  I will make the schedule soon.

Near Columbus:
Haunted Hoochie 
The Creep 
The Haunted Farm
House of Pain
Wells Twp Haunted House

Canfield Haunted House and Corn Maze

Lake Erie Fear Fest

Factory of Terror
Mansfield Reformatory

Find more?  Add them to the comments section!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I sold my faith but not my stereo

All the things that I have been thinking, oh, hey, that would be a great blog post...yeah, I never remember them when I finally get a chance to sit and write what's on my mind.  I generally just get depressed and crap when I get a chance to sit and write, which in itself is both depressing and pathetic.  So, I won't do it.

Haunted houses coming soon...a tentative list will be up sooner or later.

Also a Halloween party. The theme this year is vampire and hunter.  Should be fun.  I am open to drink/menu/decor suggestions.

I need to get out of this funk I've been in lately. Not sure what will help. Possibly a lobotomy.  I think that would help something but I'm not sure what.

I went shopping with a friend from work today to buy shoes.  Buying shoes is painful.  The shoes I bought apparently don't even have a large heel on them but they are fucking insanely uncomfortable.  Not as uncomfortable as other shoes I had tried on today.  The other reason it was painful was because I suck at being a woman and I have no self confidence.  I tried to make myself believe today that I belonged in these stores and that these shoes were totally me and I was owning the experience but that was not true.  I felt small and inconsequential and totally out of my element.  You know where I'm in my element?  In my house and in my watershed and that's about it.
 Bow ties, always classy.  Always.

I should not be afraid of fucking women's shoes, even if some of them have a freaking ridiculous heel.  It was like trying on Chinese Lotus shoes.  You know, I almost felt bad for men having to wear bow ties and regular ties and cummerbunds (cause that shit is funny) but after trying on these shoes and getting a preview of the agony I am going to feel on the night of my brother's upcoming deserve neck ties.  The only real consolation was that I was shopping with a buddy.  Buddy system is the way to go, moral support and all.  Cause I probably would have broken down like a moronic little child and sat in the aisle and felt bad for myself after the first four pairs of shoes. Any more than that alone and I would have needed to have some type of anti-depressant intervention.  As it was...after the deed was done (shoes were purchased) I had some delicious and carbtastic Auntie Annie's anti-depressants.  

Yes, these are my weirdo feet.  In a pair of shoes made designed
by the woman who lovingly sings about her "lovely lady lumps"
My feet look stupid.  Other people's feet look okay but I think my feet look all rigid and vein-y and weird.  Kind of like something else...but I really don't think my feet look like that object.  Well, I know I just eluded to it but I was just typing out my thoughts.  Whatever!  Why are you still reading this.  Don't you have better stuff to do?  Like learn Latin or memorize every postal zip code or something more worthwhile than reading my blog?

ps...thanks for reading my blog.  It is nice to know someone at least cares enough about my vein-y pseudo-runner's feet to read to the end of this post.

Hudson, Ohio, sister city to Eerie Indiana
Oh, did I mention I ran another 5k?  With Ry, my friend from work and one of his lady friends.  One day I'll write all about my theory on how Hudson is like the city in the Stepford Wives... but not today.  Or ever maybe.  I have a theory, though.  Hudson is like Eerie Indiana, it's just too perfect at first glance...maybe I need to be doing some Marshall style investigations...