Friday, March 29, 2013

Know that the path is never long

So...I hit Ryan's car today.  In the driveway.  Parked behind my car.  Cause that's how awesome I am.  I suck.  I told him last night jokingly that if he didn't move it into the garage that I might accidentally hit it.  And this morning, i looked at it, noticed it, then completely forgot about it as I was trying to angle out of the garage.  Awwww.....yeaaaa... But, it made me think...I am pretty sure this is the first car accident that I have been in that is my fault.  So, I guess that's a pretty good track record.

Nope.  I still suck.  I wonder if this is any indication on what kind of day I will have today.  I am going to a canoe livery opening today.  Maybe I shouldn't drive.

I got Teavana tea the other day.  It's awesome.  White tea earl gray.  For the win.  But...I lost it.  It really isn't my day.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

So back up some more, and let me take it off

A reflection of the week.  It seems all my weeks end up being so similar to other weeks that I don't have stuff to write even though stuff has happened to me. Like mean lady and then forced to apologize lady (the one and same and it wasn't me).

I have discovered a love-hate relationship with running.  I kind of hate running when I start.  When I finish I feel great.  When I hear a good song it makes me want to run.  What a weird girl.

Anyway, no time to write, seems like a likely story.  What an excuse.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I won't regret saying this, this thing, that I'm saying

I'm not sure when in my life that it happened, when I began to only feel any accomplishment of mine was validated if it was received well on Facebook. To the point where I felt that events in my life were only great if they got so many likes.  I mean, I am obviously not overwhelmingly like that but it's enough that I have started to feel Facebook depressed.  I wonder if that's a thing.  I'm going to look it up, hold on. Yup...good old internet comes through again.  According to this article, which is the only one I read because I am watching both kids and writing a blog and obviously this means I have a whole bunch of time to do a real bang up research job on this topic, I am in the secondary category, the "lack of feedback" makes a girl real sad.  I mean, envy is a little bit as well, but only in the fact that other people get tons of feedback and have conversations on facebook and all I get is a few thumbs ups from people who probably pity my pathetic Facebook existence.   

Oh well, honestly I don't really care. Or rather, I am going to make myself not care.  I am going on a strike against Facebook.  I will continue to occasionally check in on Facebook but I am going to try to stop obsessively checking it several times a day.  I mean, mostly I just read George Takai and I fucking love science.  I don't need to prove to myself that the things I do are meaningful by getting a bunch of "likes" on Facebook.  I can do that by being proud of myself and sharing my accomplishments and failures with my friends and family the way people used to do.  By blog.  Wait, no, I fucked that up again.  I mean by talking and emailing and calling and writing long handwritten letters and blogging.  Well, I have to vent somewhere, right?  And, I can feel solace in the fact that this is a very under read blog and that no one will really hear what I have to say unless they search it out.  Or I post it on Facebook.  Which I probably will.  But not as obsessively.  Maybe.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

As hollow as the O in God

The Mormons came to my house today.  They gave us a card with their Disney castle headquarters on it hoping to sway us into the faith.  It was not quite like the last time where they shoveled my driveway for me.  Well, not my driveway but the neighbor's drive way but who's really paying attention? It's always so weird for me, I wonder what kind of balls you have to have A: ask someone to spend their weekends going door to door knocking on complete stranger's doors like a travelling soul saving salesperson, and B: to be the person who just knocks on complete stranger's door and almost sickeningly jubilant tells me what a great day it is to be a Mormon.

After Ryan politely told the girl we were not interested in unsolicited soul service we discussed Mormons a little bit.  Ry wanted to know if they would let him see their Mormon underwear and then maybe let us film a Harlem Shake video with Mormons in their sacred bullet and fire proof underroos.  I told him I didn't think that they would let us film that at all even if they were down for doing the Harlem Shake (I mean, who isn't?).  I did find out that even though that LDS site says the Garments can only be gotten at the Latter Day Saint's special groupie store, I found some on Etsy.  Cause Etsy is awesome.

Who wants to film a Mormon Harlem Shake?  Or perhaps a Mormon/Amish combo?  I mean, as long as we are being religiously insensitive right now, let's really go for it, eh? I checked and there isn't one with both.....