Monday, August 27, 2012

sing a song that crawls

Hi again. Its been a while since I last wrote. Had a baby and all that jazz. It has been pretty boring and sleep deprived here, not a whole lot to report on other than having beautiful Seiry. I did have a successful VBAC, by the way, which im pretty proud of myself for doing. Perhaps I'll post my birth story here, I'll think about it. Unless you all vehemently protest.

 Today is Asher's first day of preschool. He seemed interested, I wouldn't go as far as saying he was excited. Oh well. I'm sure he will have fun. Ry and I are volunteering at his school's wine tasting fund raiser in September, hit me up if you're interested in attending. Its September 23 from 5-7. I'll be pouring wine and Ry beer from 6-7. It is in Hudson.

Some things I hate about being parents is unsolicited and unnecessary advice everyone seems to think you are in dire need of receiving. For example, don't tell me how to calm down my almost 2 month old daughter. I think I know her better than you do. Also, don't tell me how to dress her. She isn't too hot or to cold. Trust me, I think I know. And if I'm wrong, I'm the one who will deal with the crying till I figure it out so shut the fuckup thank you very much. Everyone is all of a sudden a professional baby whisperer one you have an infant, and they must, absolutely MUST tell you their every thought on how to care for your bundle of joy. Because obviously I am mentally incapable of reason and common sense when it comes to miniature human beings. I don't need breastfeeding advice from someone who's only experience with it is something they read once in a magazine. I don't need advice on sleep schedules or for people to criticize me for leaving the house with my newborn. Fuck you very much. I don't mind chatting about babies but when you are directly criticizing my parenting skills because you are so much better than me then fuck you very much.

Wow, that didn't sound bitter at all....