Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fear Forest Haunted House Review

Fear Forest, Warren Ohio (Just behind the DQ)
Price: $8.oo for just the hayride, $14.oo for Insanitarium and Hayride. 

Man, it was cold as balls!  But, we did have a pretty warm halloween season so I can't complain. But, cold as balls waiting in line and then riding on a hayride.  Now, hayride is really taking it too literally.  there was a tractor but really we sat on a pimped out pontoon boat/school bus.  There were bus seats all lined up facing forward and the ride had a covered awning thingy to keep the rain (it wasn't raining this time) off your fragile little heads.  There was no hay in sight. 

That aside, haunted hayride...Well, if it wasn't so cold I bet the actors would have been more enthusiastic.  I can tell.  They were just so cold they were frozen to the spot.  All they could do was move lethargically around and/or just lay there and scream.  Now, some of their jobs were to just lay there and scream was also pretty lacking in enthusiasm. 

Okay, and they boast a 96 acre hayride?  Not quite.  There's no way that was 96 acres of hayride.  Maybe a hayride on 96 acres of property of which you will only see about 5 acres of.  That sounds a bit more accurate.  Best part of hayride?  Perhaps it was the vortex tunnel that they drive into and leave you sitting there for a bit.  Very cool and first time I've seen it done on a hayride. 

So, you get off at the insanitarium and wait in a short line to get in.  There was a screen on the wall where, as you are waiting in line, you can insert a quarter and wait to push a button to scare someone inside.  I thought that was pretty cool but no one did it and we were too far in line to get a chance to use it.  So, not sure what it would have done but a cool idea anyway.  In fact, they get one goblin bonus point just for that added to their overall score. 

The house seemed cheaply put together for me, the lighting (and lack there of) in the rooms seemed to be lackluster.  They did have effective use of strobe lighting, though.  It just seemed that between then, the lighting from other areas always made everything just seem dim, not dark.  And there was a lack of good props. Now, mind you, the few props they did have were really good, but there were just too few decorations.  Mostly it felt like walking around in a dim series of black painted plywood walls. 

The actors...well...some were good, and some were not.  I hate it when actors think the whole job of acting in a haunted house is just to lurk behind the door and say 'rahhhh!' as you walk through.  That works a few times but after maybe the third time it just gets contrite.  Seriously?  There are other ways to scare people. 

I was a little disappointed for my last house of the season.  This wasn't a horrible house, it was just a mediocre house.  We did hit some really good houses this year, though.  I'm a little sad we missed out on Mansfield but that just means we will def do it next year. 

So, my score of Fear Forest...I give it five out of ten squishy jack o'lanterns plus one goblin bonus point. 

Overall score of the haunted house season: 79 out of 100 zombies eating brains.  Delicious brains.

Everybody's after me, you could be the enemy

Good sunday morning.  I will post the review of Fear Forest next, I promise.  Here's a cute pic you probably have already seen on FB but here it is for prosperity's sake.  It's Bear and daddy at boo at the zoo yesterday.  Asher had a blast.  He rode the carousel twice and saw Brhraa-brhaas (jellyfish) and bears and lions and all that cool stuff while getting treats.  It was pretty nice.

Going to go trick or treating with him at Kattie tonight so that will be fun, too.  But first, I have to get through another day in good old public service.

By the way, way to go, post 200!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A simple sound, a heavy sigh could win the whole world over

 Here's the pics JJ took of bear carving pumpkins I promised a while back.  I'll probably post a review of our last haunted house of the season, fear forest, tomorrow or something, my finger still hurts pretty bad to type.  Trying to find a boo at the zoo or other halloween party for Bear to go to today, waiting to hear back from the zoo.

Was sad because people couldn't come haunted housing last night but we still had a good time.  Man, it was COLD out!  but, overall a nice season, this was our only real cold weekend, and no rain!  So, it was a win win situation for hh season.  If it's a consolation for those of you who missed out last night it wasn't the best we had been to this year. 
By the way, the pic above of Bear shows that he was the happiest he's ever been pulling guts out of pumpkin innards. He's just so joyous!

Okay, well, should go back to spending family time.  Talk more later gaters.

Friday, October 29, 2010

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me

So, my finger, first of all.  It still hurts like a bitch.  It's pussing and leaking today.  And swollen like a little sausage.  That's me, sausage fingers.  I have xrays of my hand and an antibiotics to take for it.  They make my stomach upset, even when I eat food with them.  It's not that bad, though.  I got to sit at the dr for like, 2 1/2 hours yesterday while working, too.  It was super boring.  

 Got my hair cut yesterday.  I think it looks pretty good.  Girl told me it was a reverse bob.  I call it the rachel brown.  I might go get it bleached professionally...get it orangish or something.  Dunno yet.

So, apparently ry has turned into conservative parent now.  He must have criticized my parenting skills like ten times this morning before he left for work.  Don't let him watch that, it has bad words in it.  Don't you think you can find something more 'age appropriate?'  I was watching Venture Bros season 4 while doing dishes and putting in a pumpkin pie.  He wasn't really even watching.  It just seems like I can't do anything right.  Oh well.  I told him he can do what he wants but I'm gonna do it my way while he's not here.  Tough.  I also asked him if he was voting republican next week.  He was pretty mad at me.  

Cake isn't coming to the Cleve but they are coming to pburg on dec 6, i really wanna go.  It's a monday night, though....:( 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can't believe this is happened for the fourth time

Got a splinter underneith my fingernail yesterday at work.  It's infected now.  Gonna try to go see my doctor today.  Joy.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The shock and terror keeps me sane

Carved pumpkins with JJ and marttiny last night.  Good times.  It's frustrating because your pumpkins look like crap almost the whole time until you put the candle inside and light it up and then you are like 'holy moley batman!'  Unfortunately there were no batman pumpkin stencils this year.  I'll steal a pic from jj really quick and apply it here.  Just a min...almost...okay,  here you go.

Lil bear was so cute, I showed him how to pick guts out of the pumpkins and that's all he wanted to do for the rest of the night.  JJ took pictures of that, too, but hasn't posted them  yet. I'll steal them from her when she does.  So cute.  But then he kept trying to put the guts back inside the pumpkins, too. 

DnD tonight, and tomorrow is Mom's Bday so we will be taking her out to dinner instead of DnD.  The Vic told me he's  gonna kill our party members while we are out since we can't defend ourselves.

I wanted to buy VIP tix to the TBM show but found out that the VIP part is 35 on it's own and the total cost is 50.  too much!  Oh well.  We will still have fun and I'll get to see Dommin and TBM so that rocks. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Footprints give a clue as to where we are

Close to approaching 200 posts.  Have you read them all?  I have.  Cause I rock.  And cause I roll.  And cause I wrote them.  I noticed that earlier posts were much more thoughtful and interesting.  I'm sorry I've gotten away from my original intent with this blog.  I guess it's just a garbage can for my thoughts.

Wanted to buy VIP tix to TBMs show but all the shows vip tix are 35 except for cleveland which are 50.  Jerks!  One more reason the Cleve lets us all down. 

Looking for a nice place to take my mom for dinner on her birthday on Thursday, any suggestions?

Monday, October 25, 2010

If it's the last thing I do I'll be the one to escape from hellview

In a CkY mood this morning.  I need to pick up some more. 

I asked my boss if he could get the sample this morning (even when he was just a lowly ranger he never gets it) and he told me no, he's way to busy to do ranger work.  Joy. My irriation knows no bounds at work. 

Missed boo at teh zoo last night, it was so nice out, too.  It was just, we had run around all weekend and we were tired.  So instead we took Ry's dad out for his birthday to Casa.  It was nice.  And we went to park with lil bear. 

You know, I'm just not feeling this right now. I'll talk to you guys later.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

An emphasis on function rather than design

So, there's your haunted hoochie review. 

We were supposed to carve pumpkins but had a miscommunication so now we are doing it on Tuesday night.  Still fun. 

We went to marcelitas yesterday and it was pretty good.  We didn't know it but they were having a halloween party for kids there at the time so Bear was able to play a little bit. 

Then we took naps (cause we didn't get back from haunted houses until 230 am and ry was out til 1 for cleveland beer week). 

The Vic came out and we went out to Youngstown to Tom's halloween/birthday party.  It was pretty fun but Asher was scared by all the decorations that made noise and of course he had nightmares last night all night long.  So mommy is still tired, even though we left the party pretty early (which made ry sad) so i could get some sleep. 

So, back to work today.  And to top it all off, I forgot my wallet so no lunch for me today.  Oh well, it's the universe telling me to stop being a fatass. 

Haunted Hoochie Dead Acres Haunted House Review

So, yes, I owe you a review on Haunted Hoochie Dead Acres.  Here it is. 

First of all, if you live around the Cleve/Akron area it's gonna take you roughly 2.5 hours to find Pataskala, Ohio where Dead Acres is located.  This fact alone has deterred us in the past from making this trip.  It is worth the travel, though.  Once you arrive you are warned a million times that this is inappropriate for children and pregnant women and old people and pretty much anyone who's a wimp.  I agree.  Don't take your 8 year old here, it's not for them.  And if you are a big fat wimpy girl who wants to lay on the floor and cry for them to get you out of there and block everyone else's progress through the house (in the second room) then maybe you shouldn't have wasted your money and get the f*ck out of my way you stupid b!tch.  *ahem*

We get there, right, and I kid you not, the queue is ridiculously.  Now, you can pay 10 bucks more for VIP tix, which we made fun of.  Until we had been in line for an hour and a half and had only moved two turns of a 10 turn queue (it might have been more than that, it was hard to tell with so many people in line).  It seriously moved in relation to that slime that can move, we moved at that speed.  So, I suggested that we see if we could upgrade to VIP status.  We could.  And we did.  The ticket sellers assured us that the VIP line didn't acutally move faster.  We proved them wrong by being inside the haunted house only 3 minutes after we upgraded. 

Now, in keeping with the whole not ruining the house for everyone who might end up going, I will keep specifics limited.  But I want to point out a few things that are worth mentioning.  First of all, you will be touched by the actors.  Repeatedly.  And not just gentle caresses, they will try to grab you and steal your hat and stuff like that.  And they will chainsaw your legs off, for real.  Maybe not off but they aren't shy about hitting you with their chainsaws.  Second, they tout a live 'simulated' demon birth.  I would have liked to seen it a little better but they were pushing people through like cattle in a slaughter house (i'm not sure if this was intentional, because it did make it kind of scarier that you couldn't move in certain points) or if it was because it was late and they still had half a million people in queue.  It wasn't as impressive as other stuff in there but it was amusing.  The animatronics here, freaking amazing.  None of them in the first house struck me as cheesy at all.  And the length  of the house was good. 

So, we get out and get in line to go into the second house, a 3D house.  I really don't like these as much, it seems a cheap way to cheat me out of my haunted house money.  I mean, they really aren't scary, they are cool to look at but I don't want to go to a fun house, I want to go to a haunted house.  That's all.  And they seem to be getting more popular, almost every other haunted house hands you out the gross paper glasses that are recycled about a million times a night.  Oh well.

Anyway, the power went out (a breaker blew) just before we went to go in.  So we had to wait for a while for them to get their shit together and fix it.  Second house was okay, there were some pretty cool things in it but I just told you how I feel about the stupid 3D houses so, I might be a bit jaded. 

Overall, I'm giving these houses a just less than perfect score (the 3D house ruined a perfect score from me, seriously if they had just had the one house I would have probably given it a perfect score).  So, they get a 99 out of 100 swarming creepy crawlies. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get your back off the wall

Eegads, I'm so tired.  We didn't get home from Haunted Hoochie Dead Acres until 230 am.  And of course Asher was up at 647am.  Super fun times.  At least Ry got up with him and let me sleep in until 9 this morning. 

Of course neither of them will let me write a blog...

I'll post the haunted hoochie post later.  too tired.  It was awesome, though, def worth the 2.5 hour drive. I'll write later, someone is hollerin.

Friday, October 22, 2010

All the dishes rattle in the cupboard when the elephants walk by

A quicky today.  taking a break from bear, he's reading (insert destroying) library books that i'm trying to organize to take back today.  Never mind, now he's begging me for fishies on the computer. okay.  taken care of.  Anyway, baked some pumpkins to steal their flesh and make cookies and latte with later today.  So, if you are coming haunted housing you can expect some awesome pumpkin latte if i get to the store and buy latte.  if not, it'll just be pumpkin coffee.  Still, nice for taking with you to haunted houses.  

Gonna head out in a bit to pick up El from school, too.  Gonna have some pumpkin ice cream and some butter beer.  Jealous much?  Not sure yet if I'm gonna take Asher with me or drop him off at grandmas for a few hours.  He would like pumpkin ice cream but he might not like the travel time.  Honestly he'll probably sleep in the car if i take him but he'd get a better nap if I left him at grandmas, maybe...

Well, another haunted house post soon....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And let your eyes catch wide, the way they should

Was not prepared for work today at all.  First of all, Asher was sick with diarreha all last night and was up like four times.  I called off this morning and stayed home with him but he seemed to be feeling better and I have stuff I need to get done at work so I dropped him off at grandmas and came in.  He was not happy at all about going to grandmas, either, btw.  Oh yes, theatrics, tantrum throwing, he's not usually like this but i think he still doesn't feel well.

Anyway, I get to work and I am ambushed by my boss and his boss about the reservoir thing.  For like and hour and a half.  I haven't even changed into my uniform yet.  Crazy right? 

So, yeah.  I almost died in DnD last night, too.  It was pretty close.  Playing the vic's campaign tonight, that will be fun as usual. 

I want to play the new alice game but it doesn't come out for a long time.  I also wanna play the new fallout game even though I have never played any of the old ones. I have watched ry play them, though, so that counts.  And bioshock 2.  I just want to play some games.  Oh, and the new sonic game on PS3, pretty rocking.  i had fun.  Haven't beaten it yet but i will soon.  The vic made fun of me for not beating it yet.  I made fun of him for not propagating his genes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If you want it you got it, whatever you want

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. Nothing.  Played DDR inleui of going to roller derby practice.  :(  Finished rereading neil gaiman's Anansi Boys (so good!), made spaghetti and meatballs.  I didn't have any bread crumbs so I used a toasted bun and made my own. I didn't have oregeno but it still turned out pretty good., wait, I owe more pictures. Hold on just a...okay, here we go. Pics.
Hmm...anything else to report on?  I think I'm gonna play fallout new vegas and make ryan watch instead of the normal other way around.  It'll be a nice change of pace. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

thoughts ona rainy drive home

She had been hearing a tinkling sound in her right ear periodically throughout the day. At first she thought it was the music playing on the radio coming from one speaker. Even though it didn't seem to fit the songs. But, you know how these things work, it could have been.

Then she heard it, just barely, during a talk show, ever so slightly. Odd, she thought. Perhaps interference from another radio signal?

Later. Sitting at her desk, alone. And even later in her car on the way home. Perhaps it was just tinnitus of one ear sounding much like very small wind chimes.
Eventually she began to tune it out. That night she dreamed of tiny little white dots like snow dancing around her, tinkling in the thick silence that encased her sleeping mind.

The tinkling followed her for a few days and she paid no mind to it. At night she danced in pure white with tiny little white dots like snow and felt more at peace with herself and the world than she had ever felt before. Life was satisfying in a way she never knew it could be. She started sleeping more and more to spend more time with the tiny white dots like snow. They followed her throught her day, teasing her with their tiny tinkling sounds only she could hear.

Eventually she stopped talking to her friends and family. She daydreamed her way through work and only ate because it was a habit to do so. The only thing that held her interest were the tiny white dots like snow in her dreams.

Someone at work told her she looked tired.  Maybe she should take some time off, a vacation or just some relaxation time they said.  They told her maybe she should get some sleep.  So she did just that.  Soon she stopped going to work entirely. She stopped eating. She bought sleeping pills and teas to help her sleep more. No one was around to help her, to rouse her from her tranquil voyages dancing with the tiny white dots like snow.

It took three weeks for someone to notice she was missing and another three days to find her body. By the time the police were called her body was a dried-out husk. The coroner said it looked like she had been preserved in a similar fashion to mummification. The coroner said she had to have been dead for months and just been slowly drying out over time. The coroner said she must have died in her sleep.
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Err on the side of caution, they're taking in the new girl

 Good morning.  More pictures.  Don't we all look good?

Went bowling with Otto last night.  Yup, I guess I did call her that.  that was her bowling name, otto vonbowlsti.  Mine was Bolla Rella.  They did not get the reference.  Too young.  Her minority friend (his words, not mine) JP was there, too.  God, I'm so old.  And, my elbow...well, it didn't like me bowling.  Neither did my bowling score, btw.  Ouch.  I never broke 100 in any of the four rounds we bowled.  But I had fun and I got a few strikes and some spares but mostly not so many. 
Let's see, what else happened?  Not much.  Tried to watch poltergeist yesterday but bear would have none of that.  Had tacos.  I love tacos.  One of the best foods ever, in my opinion.  What say you?  Yeah, you know you love tacos.  Working on a short story, might post it on the blog later today.  I mean, short. Like a few paragraphs.  Oh well, maybe you'll enjoy it. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

You can suck my fucking dick and fucking like it

Good morning.  Alice party was pretty awesome, I'll be posting pics I stole from JJ and some I took myself all week, so check in and check them out.  Nothing to much to say, today, lots of cleaning happened at my house all weekend.  Watched hatchet last night laying on the foyer floor with the spare tv in the fireplace so ry didn't have to watch. deets.  Party started around 3, tho ry started drinking prior to that.  The shig, the Vic and Tani (yes, I still haven't thought of a nickname...i'm trying.  not feeling incredibly original right now) came early to help set up.  Lots of super awesome costumes which was nice.  My cuz sarahsan came and didn't take her winnings (hank the stray who lives in my flower boxes now) from euchre.  The vic and the shig and I beat her fair square and she didn't take her winnings (losings).  My cuz Jay came and hung out and ate most of the cupcakes (good job, i didn't want left overs!)  Jen and Chuck came later.  My mom and geoff came, my dad and joyce and mattie.  Courtney stopped in for like five minutes and Rebbi came after everyone else left.  Oh, and Steve was there, of course.  Jeh and steph arrived fashionably late like usual. 

Had lots of fun, lots of people showed up (more than I thought would come) and we drank a lot but no one got stupid so it was all good.  This was the biggest and bestest party I've thrown, so that's all good. 


Saturday, October 16, 2010

see a girl from your high school but you look away.

So, party is today.  Can't get the pics of the cupcakes uploaded from my phone to facebook.  Hopefully I'll have pics from the party to post today. 

Bear woke up at like, I dunno, 516 am, not that I was looking, with a nightmare and refused to go back to sleep.  so that's where i am, now. Tired.  unmotivated.  

Hummus was a failure yesterday, too.  Ry says it's okay but it just didn't taste right to me.  Gonna go  buy some salsa or something.  I also forgot to pick up chocolate and graham crackers for these ridiculously large marshmallows ry has been so excited about for a month now. 

Don't worry, y'all, chubby alice in the hizzy.

So, watched lost boys 3 last night with marttiny and it was awesome.  I stole it (well actually ry did) from the vic but i'm gonna give it back and buy it for myself.  i liked it that much.  I'm not much of a movie buyer anymore with netflix.  I felt bad because brittish had already seen it and this week to boot but the vic made her watch it again.  I really need to come up with a good nick name for her.  Something Iron Maidenish?  I really don't know much about maiden so..that might not work.  I'll keep thinking.

Okay, i should get dressed (yes, i'm typing this drinking tea in my jammies while ry and bear play downstairs which still needs vacuumed) and going.  First batch of pulled pork is done, second just went in should be ready for party. Pretty tasty. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

we shouldn't touch other people when it's not okay

so, yeah....
i'm still feeling down about derby.  I missed last night.  My thighs still hurt pretty bad and I was just super depressed so, you know... :(

Plus, my bro and the vic watched lost boys 3 without me.  Like, one of my favorite movie series of all time and they watched it without me. I mean, everyone says that i am over reacting and they don't think that way but it hurt my feelings, like, i'm not cool enough to watch it with.  I get to watch it by myself.  Maybe i won't watch it at all, since i suck so bad.  I prob will.  maybe.  i don't know. the only person i hurt by doing it is myself but i hate myself anyway so who cares, right? 

Ah, it's one of those days.  My dress makes me look thick.  So, that's fun too.  and i get to spend all day cleaning.  even more fun. oh well.  
And people can tell me all day long that i didn't quit roller derby but i did.  and that is one more thing on my list of things i just couldn't get done.  i don' tknow, i 'm gonna try out maybe for the cleveland team (they have a cuter outftit anyway) in august, and train with Steph during the rest of the year.  i don't know.  

I need to end this pity party now and get cleaning.  Probably shouldn't even have written today at all.

it all just seems like excuses to me. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking but never seeing, searching but never finding

Good morning. 

First of all, thanks to all the people who deal with me when I am crazy and stupid and stress about stuff that I really shouldn't spend so much time stressing about. 

Now, what was I stressing about?

I realized yesterday that I really might not have the time to roller derby.  It's just so much time in my life and I am feeling like I never have time to just relax.  But...I guess I need to prioritize.  I mean, I want to roller derby. I am bad at it but I'm having fun.  I am the slowest girl there, how sad is that?  So...I don't know.  I haven't quit yet, I went to practice last night where I learned how to "hit the bitches" and I'll more than likely go tonight.  I get all upset with myself if I quit something, even if, as ry said, i drive myself crazy doing it.  You know? 

I'm really glad I have such nice and supportive friends, too.  Thanks for not thinking I'm a loser. 

So, either way, I'm gonna at least try to finish out derby camp.  I paid for the punishment, right? :)  It's hard but satisfying, and it's making my body look really good in a swimsuit right now.  Oh, yeah. 

Meeting for real with the EPA today.  Should go well, acutally. 

And guess what?  Guess what?  got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me I can pick up my dress at the post office today!  Woot!

I'm feeling like a cowboy today, but the kind of steven king cowboy, not annie oakley.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

But in the alley it ain't that sweet

Good morning.  Early morning at WS. I'm tired but I went to bed early.  I haven't been feeling 100% lately, my ears are bugging me and I have  been headachy.  I'm trying really really hard not to get sick.  Not just for the party but also for derby practice tonite and tomorrow.  Gah. 


All the changes at work have the hive in a hizzy.  My old boss is now not my boss and a guy who was a ranger is now my new boss.  i wonder if this will really change anything around here. I doubt it.  boy, I am pessimistic.  Maybe I need a derby name that emphasizes my pessimizim.  I know that's spelled wrong.  I just can't spell today.  And I'm too lazy to use spell checker.  So, i'll just look ignorant. 

Okay, to work. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Drop that 808 it's too much for the club to take, shake it like an earthquake

Writing a quick post while on my tea break from cleaning and laundry and baby entertaining this morning. Gotta love having government holidays off.  

Unfortunately I am annoyed with ry because he can't seem to put things away or throw away garbage even when the can is 5 feet from him.  GAHHHH  cause I end up cleaning after him.  I can't stand it lately, I have such limited time and he makes it worse.  For example, I came home from work yesterday and he is complaining he didn't have any lunch.  It's four when I got home by the way.  He waited for me to make him a snack and then said, "Oh, you didn't have to do that".  See?  I'm his mother, not his wife.  It feels like it sometimes.  I have to tell him to clean up and pick up and do things for bear all the time.  
Anyway, did I mention that today is my 7 year anniversary?  Go us.  :l

Thinking about derby names.  Still.  anyway.  until tomorrow, have a wonderful Columbus day.   

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, everyone but me.

Good early sunday morning.  Two haunted house reviews coming right up.  Then I've got derby practice. I'm on vacation most of the week this week so I can get ready for my party so the updates might be hit or miss, just an fyi.

Factory of Terror, Canton, Ohio.

This one rocked pretty hard core.  It was def not as good as bloodview as far as acting or makup goes but it wasn't poor quality in that respect, either.  Compairing makeup and acting to bloodview for any haunted house kinda isn't fair.  The price of this house ($23, $20. if you have a coupon) is totally worth it.  This house is comprised of four houses, and over all it's HUGE!!  This is the biggest house we have been to this year and I doubt we will find one to rival the size (I hope I'm proved wrong, though...)Very nice overall.  I don't want to go into detail about each house because it might ruin it for people but it's very fun and they do a good job.  And the prop work at this house, pretty phenominal.  First of all, it is called factory of terror so you probably should expect a bit of a factory setting.  So, they already have all the factory equiptment they need, you know?  But, man, they put it to some good use. Good stuff. 

I give this house 7 out of 10 screams. With special consideration, though, I give the first house in this set of houses it's own special rating, 8.5 out of 10 cool points.  The first house is the coolest.

As a side note, I want to point out that Freddy Kruger kidnaped my brother and held him ransom until he could name a Justin Beber song or until someone else could come by and save him.  He didn't come out again.  No, wait, I lied.  But I can take 20 Justin Bebers in a fight, the internet told me so.

Fortress of Fear, Fearanoia, Garrettsville, Ohio

This set of houses is pretty good, if you have never been here before you definatly should check it out.  First of all, the houses are only $11.00 so it's nice for your budget (as far as paying for haunted houses goes).  It takes forever to get into the first house even if the line is short.  And I mean, forever.  Basically, it's because they only send one group of people in at a time.  And they wait for that group to finish the house before they send in the next group.  So, it's really nice having no one catch up to you or slow you down.  But waiting...well, no one likes to wait, right?

Once again, I won't tell you about the houses because I don't want to ruin them for anyone who would like to go.  I will tell you that nothing has changed if you have been to this one before. 

Another thing, the houses themselves (layout, prop work, creepy factor) are pretty good, especially for such a small operation in the middle of nowhere.  But...the actors, well, you know, it's just my opinion but there's more to working in a haunted house than wearing a mask and screaming at people.  And getting into a girls face and breathing heavy for  a long time.  Like, acting (not acting like a douche).  So, actors here, not so great, but overall is a good house to visit, especially on a budget. 

I give house 5.5 out of 10 black cats and 1 hairy witch butt as a bonus point since I'm opinionated from last year. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

on, off like a light switch, sometimes I don't know where you're coming from

Friday night at watersupply.  It's a quiet night.  Almost caught a trespasser but they got away.  Darn.  I am just not stealthy enough with sore muscles, I kinda fell down the side of a small cliff and alerted them to my presence, they just waited til I left and then they left.  Oh well, right?

Gonna go practice roller skating tomorrow, maybe Brit will come with me.  I gave her another nickname on here before but I forget what it was now, so for today it's Britt.  Oh, no, I changed it again.  I'm gonna give her a complex. 

Tomorrow is Garretsville and Canton Haunted Houses.  I forgot to pull money out so I'm gonna have to stop by the bank, too. 

Hung out with K-snyd today, too.  We chilled with our babies, it was nice.  Asher was super cute, he would get close to Isa and rub his cheek on her face and say "hi baby".  So super cute I wanted to throw up rainbows and unicorns all over the place.

Heard a podcast today that said if you aren't in the mood you need to hang out with nursing mothers.  This only works if you are a woman, though.  Just my helpful tip of the day. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I've got to breath, honestly

Roller derby was awesome last night.  I suck, still, so don't think it's because I got better in three days.  It was just fun.  I am not great but i'm working hard so I guess that's all that matters.  We did 8 wheel practice all last night so my legs are murdering me.  And there weren't as many people there so it wasn't as overwhelming.  Nice.

So...and now I'm thinking Ana Toxin for my derby name.  there's already an allison rollerland on our team so Malice is out.  See, anatoxin is a harmful algal toxin i work with at work so it's double edged, right?  eh?  Eh?  eh.

Lol.  I should get to work, it's labtoberfest today so i have to be back in t he office by 11:30.  I made pork tenderloin, sauerkraut and potatoes for today.  Should be good.  Someone is bringing in pierogis, what else can a girl ask for?

Not to be insanely sore?

Anyone coming rollerskating on sat with me? I need to practice.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stop the bus, I wanna be lonely. seconds pass slowly and years go flying by.

Good morning, ya'll.  I didn't know the definition of sore before last night.  And practice again tonite, it's gonna be killer.   Last night we worked on falls, so 1 knee falls, 2 knee falls, baseball slides (which I couldn't ever do in baseball and are much easier in skates, believe that or not) and 180s which are super fun.  As long as I don't put my hands down, which I do almost every time.  Then we ran a relay race with falls, that was fun but intimidating.  We did pushes and pulls, that was hard.  It's where a line of 6 girls either takes turns getting pushed or pulled by one girl.  Sindinator totally pushed us way too much for what we were prepared for and she threw me to the ground.  My thigh where I did a baseball slide onto still hurts, it'll probably bruise.  Then we did something called Pandemonium.  It was the most intimidating and the most fun.  Basically, all the girls get in a line and skate about arms length apart from each other.  Then the girl in the back slaloms through each girl.  Now, let me just tell you there are about 50 girls in camp with all the newbies and roller girls involved. It took forever and by the end I was more exhausted than I have ever been.  But super fun and I was better at it than I thought I would be. 

So, still discouraged from last night, though.  I just don't feel like I'm getting better like everyone else is.  I dunno.  Oh well, with almost 30 girls trying out for the team I won't make it anyway but I'll go and have fun and maybe I'll practice and try out for the Cleveland team in August when they hold their tryouts.  Jeh's gf steph said she would try out for Cleve team if I don't get on this one. 

Oh well, I'm still trying.  Just feeling discouraged.  And never call your brother after a hard practice for encouragement.  Cause you'll get none.  It's not that he doesn't want to encourage me, it's that he doesn't know how. 

Here's a cool band with a silly name.  New Young Pony Club, Hiding on the staircase. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You have said your name is not for me. I try not to be disappointed.

Still sore and tired.  And you are tired of hearing it.

I'm having doubts about wether or not I have the time to do roller derby.  I almost quit like three times last night.  I think I'm gonna keep forcing myself to go anyway.  I wanna do it, I just have minimal will power it seems.  Why do I suck so bad?

The EPA thing got cancelled today so all the work I did to rush to get ready for this meeting, for nothing.  Oh well I guess. I can actually do a good job on it now, maybe. 

I'm feeling intimidated today.  By life.  I wonder why I try so hard at it when I really am not good at it.  a lesson in futility.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I know i'm not your favorite record

So sore.  So sore.  So sore. 
Oh god, I'm so sore.

Well, the big bruises on my wrists seem to have gone away but my back and shoulders and butt are very sore. 

I only fell maybe four or five times yesterday.  I had a ton of fun but I'm not a very good skater, I discovered.  But i also learned that falling on your knee pads is nice and falling on your butt is not so nice. 

Still working on crossovers but i got the stops pretty good.  I mean, i'm still working on them, too, but i'm better at them then the crossovers.  Everyone was really nice.  Nastily Beating kinda took charge of my training for the most part yesterday, her and Smackaroni and Cheese.  Both very nice ladies. 

Tuesday night is learning how to fall.  Should be fun. 

Also went liquor shopping for the party. Should be good stuff.  My dress still isn't in, I'm getting a little nervous. 

Anyway...should probably go to work now.  Talk to you guys later. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Transistor radio, give me a sign of life

So, roller derby boot camp starts today.  I need the strenght to keep forcing myself to go and not get mad at myself that I suck.  I'm gonna try really hard.  I had a dream I was rollerskating to Northern State last night and I was doing really well so hopefully that bodes well for today. 

And man, i posted all weekend this weekend.  How about that. 

Just a short post today, maybe I'll update you later about how camp went.  If not I'll def talk about it tomorrow. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Haunted House Reviews for 10-1-10

Last night kicked off Haunted House Season for us.  Here are my personal reviews of both houses.

The Fear Experience
Location: 31515 Lorain Road.
North Olmsted, Ohio
Two houses cost $13

These houses are super easy to find, they are literally right off the highway.  Despite a lack of a large indicating sign you will see tons of small 11' X 15' white yard post signs all over from the minute you get off the highway. 

Once you get there, depending on the time, you will also see kids playing soccer.  Soccer of the doomed. 

This place wasn't very crowded when we went, but it is the first weekend.  Hopefully it does well because these houses, though short and this being their first year, have a lot of potential. Of the two houses, I preferred the second one, it had a little bit of a maze element to it and I do always enjoy that.  If these two houses have separate names, I didn't see them anywhere.  

Also, they were a little short on actors, hopefully they can afford a few more next time.  But, over all, effects were good, house had a good atmosphere, actors were enthusiastic and we had a good time.  What else can you ask of a haunted house?

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Towpath Trail,
Broadview Heights
$15.00, $1.00 discount coupon available on their website 

Bloodview never fails to impress.  The Legion of Terror is always impressive.  The makeup was phenomenal, the actors are very 'in your face'.  They take their jobs very seriously and really seem to enjoy what they do.  The atmosphere is always impressive.  

We go to this one every year and are never disappointed.  Unlike the haunted school house and laboratory it is changed up just enough to keep you on your toes, and the real reason, even though the houses are awesome, that you go is for the excellent actors.  I don't believe that any other houses we go to have quite the same level of acting that bloodview has.  The acting combined with the remarkable makeup make this one haunted house not to miss this year!  I wish I could write more about Bloodview but Asher is being demanding so, until next time....

My rating:  9 out of 10 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Everything has been said before, nothing left to say anymore

a post on a friday that I'm not working?  Must be something on my mind, eh?


Do I go to roller girl training?  Do I have the time?  Is this something I Can do?  I need some words of encouragement or a realistic kick to the butt.  What say you, readers of my words?