Tuesday, October 19, 2010

thoughts ona rainy drive home

She had been hearing a tinkling sound in her right ear periodically throughout the day. At first she thought it was the music playing on the radio coming from one speaker. Even though it didn't seem to fit the songs. But, you know how these things work, it could have been.

Then she heard it, just barely, during a talk show, ever so slightly. Odd, she thought. Perhaps interference from another radio signal?

Later. Sitting at her desk, alone. And even later in her car on the way home. Perhaps it was just tinnitus of one ear sounding much like very small wind chimes.
Eventually she began to tune it out. That night she dreamed of tiny little white dots like snow dancing around her, tinkling in the thick silence that encased her sleeping mind.

The tinkling followed her for a few days and she paid no mind to it. At night she danced in pure white with tiny little white dots like snow and felt more at peace with herself and the world than she had ever felt before. Life was satisfying in a way she never knew it could be. She started sleeping more and more to spend more time with the tiny white dots like snow. They followed her throught her day, teasing her with their tiny tinkling sounds only she could hear.

Eventually she stopped talking to her friends and family. She daydreamed her way through work and only ate because it was a habit to do so. The only thing that held her interest were the tiny white dots like snow in her dreams.

Someone at work told her she looked tired.  Maybe she should take some time off, a vacation or just some relaxation time they said.  They told her maybe she should get some sleep.  So she did just that.  Soon she stopped going to work entirely. She stopped eating. She bought sleeping pills and teas to help her sleep more. No one was around to help her, to rouse her from her tranquil voyages dancing with the tiny white dots like snow.

It took three weeks for someone to notice she was missing and another three days to find her body. By the time the police were called her body was a dried-out husk. The coroner said it looked like she had been preserved in a similar fashion to mummification. The coroner said she had to have been dead for months and just been slowly drying out over time. The coroner said she must have died in her sleep.
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