Monday, October 11, 2010

Drop that 808 it's too much for the club to take, shake it like an earthquake

Writing a quick post while on my tea break from cleaning and laundry and baby entertaining this morning. Gotta love having government holidays off.  

Unfortunately I am annoyed with ry because he can't seem to put things away or throw away garbage even when the can is 5 feet from him.  GAHHHH  cause I end up cleaning after him.  I can't stand it lately, I have such limited time and he makes it worse.  For example, I came home from work yesterday and he is complaining he didn't have any lunch.  It's four when I got home by the way.  He waited for me to make him a snack and then said, "Oh, you didn't have to do that".  See?  I'm his mother, not his wife.  It feels like it sometimes.  I have to tell him to clean up and pick up and do things for bear all the time.  
Anyway, did I mention that today is my 7 year anniversary?  Go us.  :l

Thinking about derby names.  Still.  anyway.  until tomorrow, have a wonderful Columbus day.   


  1. Well on that note, Happy Anniversary! And sadly, I think all men are like that! >.<

  2. happy anniversary,
    it if wasn't hard it wouldn't be important.