Monday, October 8, 2012

So I'm changing my lines and going into it blind

Hello.  Long time no talk.  It's so hard to find a few minutes to myself in which I can spend doing something that isn't personal or household hygiene related.  It's been a hard transition back to work for me and the kids, too.  So, frowny face on that.  I think Asher held the award for the most accidents in one week at school last week.  Four in one day.  I was sooooo mad at his school last week, too.  I'm not going to get into it right now, let's just say there was a complete breakdown of communication and it ended up in one really pissed off mom and an angry phone message for his teacher.  I'm waiting to hear back.  Maybe if I get a chance I'll write about it after I hear from her.

Gotta love City holidays, I got Asher off to school (you should have seen him go in, Ry told me about it because I had to drop off Seiry at Granny's house and then drop my car off for service), all hunch backed and glum.  Ry said if there was a can to kick he would have done it.  I have no idea why he's having such a hard time...he tells us he loves school but then when we take him he's all whiny.  We are planning on playing Borderlands today for more than an hour at a time, it's gonna be crumpets.  Cause crumpets are CRUNK!!!

By the way, terrible twos is totally an incorrect misnomer.  It's the "wish you could bypass the whiny misery" threes.  For real.

For those of you who don't want to know this, tough luck.  I had my first encounter with mastitis and it was freaking awesome. And by awesome I mean it felt like someone had used my breast as a punching bag for hours and when I nursed it felt like I nursed hot lava.  As if there is some other type of lava.  I mean, I was kind of quoting the Chapelle Show but still, hot lava?  I mean, cold lava is just igneous rocks, right?

My mom is getting married the first weekend of next month.  It's all been kinda whirlwind.  I got my dress yesterday. Seiry had a total meltdown in the dress shop and we hadn't even been there for 20 minutes.  I had to call Ry to come help.  And of course the minute he gets there she is totally cool.  I don't get it but it had me frazzled the rest of the time.  I did get a really beautiful dress for $99 though so that was cool.

I'm taking my water II license test next month, too.  And I haven't even begun to study for it. I'm going to try really hard to study for it this week but my calendar at work fills up so fast it should be in NASCAR.

And the first two haunted houses this year were both pretty good.  The first week we went to Spooky Rocking Ranch in Columbia Station which was fun and had some pretty great puppetry (also, if you go, play the "how many rocking ladies can you spot" game.  It's pretty boss).  Over the weekend we used our groupon for the Hinkley Cornstalkers, which was good again this year.  That one is pretty worth it, especially when you get the groupon.  Good times.

Thinking about taking Asher to the "shoot zombies" hayride thingy this weekend....he's pretty keen to go. Anyway, time for Borderlands...