Sunday, November 28, 2010

And exgirlfriends, they don't understand

Wow, feeling like shit this morning.  At least having the humidifier on in the bedroom helped last night but now poor bear is all congesty, too.  I'm gonna have to put a humidifier in his room, too.  And the worst part about the whole thing?  Tonight is the birthday massacre and dommin concert I've been looking forward to for months and I feel like shit and my ears won't pop and I don't know if I can handle it.  WHHYYYYY!!!!

Anyway, melodramatics aside.  boy am I an idiot.  I forgot to take pictures of  making the beef tenderloin.  Freaking retarded.  It turned out so nice, too.  I was really worried, I ruined a meat thermometer.  I really need a probe thermometer for the oven, I guess you aren't supposed to put a meat thermometer in the oven and leave it there.  But, worry not, beef was not ruined.  I really need to learn to photodocument better, you know?  I guess I just get carried away with the cooking and I forget to take the pictures.  I have seven people who can vouche for how good it was and how good it looked, though. 

Anyway....I'm glad the beef was a success, it cost so much money!  Who knew a cut of meat could be so expensive.  I bought the $8.99 lb one (7.34 lbs worth) but they had an all  organic corn fed one that was $11.99 lb.  Crazy!  It was worth it, though.  Very delicious. 

But....the feast was supposed to be for my dad's family.  Unfortunatly for them (doubly) they had the flu and none of them could make it.  So, I invited some extra friends over and we chowed down.  So, hopefully my dad feels better, we might go to someplace out to eat, like Red Lobster, that'd be nice.  I hope that's not just wishful thinking. 

I have the design for my tattoo all ready to go (I changed my mind from the maple leaf, it always just seemed to look like a pot leaf no matter how i looked at it).  Gonna get some bamboo.  Here's a pic of what I'm gonna ask for.

What do you think? 

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