Sunday, November 21, 2010

If something's broke, I'm gonna put a little fixing on it

Made the oreos yesterday and forgot to take a pic!  Stupid me.  I'll do it today and post it tomorrow, I promise.  They turned out pretty okay.  I wish I knew the technique to make them look beautifully professional... that's my one gripe.  Oh well, I was told they taste delicious.  I wouldn't know because I don't like oreos.  I ended up frosting the oreos with marshmallow fluff, then coating them in white chocolate and then some of them were topped with beautiful freeze dried strawberries or bananas.  I'll get pics to post. 
Oh, and the Cherries are soaking in Vodka right now for the choco covered cherries.  I'm thinking maybe I shoulda asked for rum...well, this is experimentation!

It's a cold quiet sunday morning.  I should still be in bed.  I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving for the first time in a long time.  I'm glad I made the ultimatum to my family that we are only going one place (or two max) on any given holiday.  And I'm excited to make Alton Brown's Beef Tenderloin in a salt crust. So, if you're coming let me know! 

And that's all for today. 

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