Friday, November 12, 2010

When she wants, she wants the sun, instead of the moon

Getting ready for work.  Bear napped longer than I thought he would so now I had to call Roro to come here and babysit instead of taking him there.  I feel bad but someone was up way to early for his own good this morning which put mommy in a horrid mood all day.  

Yes, I've been in a horrible mood.  Maybe work will help clear it up.  I dunno.  

Started watching true blood season 2, jenjen told me it was better than the first season so I'm giving it a go.  So far not too bad, tho it's still a bit too long for it's own good.  I do like Anna Paquin, though. so it's okay.  I really don't like Bill, I never did in the books and I still don't in the movies. 

It seems like the clocks around my house are always stuck at the same time.  I feel that way in my life right now, too.  Stuck on the same time, clicking and ticking away but never making it past the point I'm at.  Don't worry, it's just my moodiness.  Morose? Melancholy? (damn, i can never spell that right)  

Don't tell but I'm applying for a few different jobs, they kinda got dropped in my lap and they are worth the effort, I think.  I don't know...maybe it's just the change I need.  Maybe not.  I don't know.  

I need a yoga buddy.

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