Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i guess this is growing up

Another wonderful day training for disater management. Yehaa. Feeling a little down. Not massivly, just down a little. I get obsessed with stupid stuff and cant get over it. Im just dumb.

I need something for me, like what i wanted roller derby to be for me. Ry doesnt understand. He tells me i should be happy with what ive got. I know but, you know, i feel like im missing something. I just dont know what.

Im starting a new diet today, its something i think is totally doable for me. Im gonna be 2/3 vegetarian. Meaning im gonna eat two of three meals a day and all snacks as a vegetarian.

Btw, there is a man in my conference today wearing a purple sweatshirt and purple ballcap. Its for some team but it seems so out of place.

Methyl-ethyl-death is the word of the day, by the way. Used in a sentence: you dont wanna open that valve, you know there's methyl-ethyl-death in there, you wouldnt wanna let your kids drink, that. At least not the ones you like.

Ah, water biz humor.
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  1. Something I forgot to mention, the room we are in oddly vibrates like a giant shiatshu chair. Its weird and relaxing and makes me sleepy.