Monday, November 29, 2010

Mind Razor Bust Strobe Channel Flashback, on the beat

Dommin...I can't help but love them...
So, the birthday massacre show with dommin at Peabody's in Cleveland last night was was one of the best shows I've been to in a loooong time, even if i was still sick and spent some time in the bathroom during Black Veil Brides.  Man, that is one pretentious band if I've ever listened to a pretentious band. They dissed the half the crowd, they said we weren't Americans if we didn't like their music and dissed the birthday massacre by saying 'fuck Canada and Canadians'.  Hmm..perhaps you shouldn't dis the band that took you around country on tour with them and made you money, eh? 

Also, they played "we're an American band" like fifty times before their set and then played the national anthem to open and butchered it almost into almost the worst rendition I've ever heard.  And they all look like girlyboys, but that's just my added opinion, lucky you.  

Anyway, we got there a little too late to see Aural Vampire, which was the plan, but now I"m listening to them on youtube and I kinda like them so I'm a little sad we got there so late.  But, I was feeling pretty sick so I might not have made it through the whole show if I had come that early.  I'll check out AV on my own and see them again if they come through sometime. 

I bought a Dommin shirt and saw Kristofer Dommin and the drummer at the merch table and was pretty excited.  Later I went to talk to them but I got pushed out of the way by the thousand and a half teeny boppers trying to get to the meet and greet table for Black Veil Brides.  Ah, to be young and like sub-par music.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll see Dommin again.  They are so energetic and into their music and their music is soo good!  I love the drummer!  She is so awesome.  I have a thing for chick drummers, I think. I'm not sure she is a permanent band member, though, I don't know... And I kinda <3 their 50's greaser look.  They threw roses out into the crowd and they were filming some stuff for the video closure so that will be cool. I mean, I'm wayyy too short so even if this part of the video makes it into the final, well, maybe you'll see The Vic.  

Then we sat through (partially) BVB which was painful...but well worth it since we got to see The Birthday Massacre next!  My god, I love that band.  So much.  They put on a hell of a live show.  They are so energetic and obviously really appreciate and like their fans.  Some drunk douche bags started a mosh pit to Always which is a slow song (how stupid, I guess this is why cleveland has such a bad reputation for bands and why I'll never see a band like Cake come anywhere even near here) but that fizzled out after a while.  All the new stuff they played was nice and heavy and fun and dancy.  It was cute, chibi told us that she was coming out for an encore of two more songs with her fingers, like held up two fingers when she said "this is our last song".  And, I swear Chibi singles the vic out every time!  She specifically pulled to hold his hand last night not once but twice!  I just have to live vicariously through him, I guess.  She's so cute.  That whole band is so cute and I <3 them sooo much.  Ok, enough fangirl craziness.  

I've seen tbm 6 times now, and it never gets old and they always rock harder than the previous time I saw them.  They just keep getting better and better.  I love it. 

See, I took today off so I could sleep in (which ry acted like a huge baby about this morning) and get all (or most) of my xmas shopping done today.  So, I should probably do that.  I just wanted to post about the awesome concert last night and how much it must suck that you missed such an awesome concert.  Until next time, Birthday Massacre...I'll be there again. 

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