Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've nothing to live for when I'm sleeping alone

So...I stayed up way too late waiting for Ry to get home from the Cavs game with his mom and watching True Blood.  Jenjen was right, the second season is much better than the first.  Very good and addicting.  I don't remember all the details from the books, either, so it's kind of nice that I know what's going on but I don't necessarily remember the details.  But stayed up way to late. 

I feel like today should be thursday.  I don't know why but I'm antsy to be off.  Perhaps it's because I worked OT last week and I will work it again this week and next week and not have very many days off.  It's not too bad, it'd be nice to get paid for but I don't see that happeneing any time soon. 

I need to start getting serious about xmas shopping soon, I hate to shop when all the stores get really busy.  It makes me anxious and depressed.  I like to shop, which is why I don't just buy all my presents on the interwebs, but I just get upset if there are too many people around. 

New dnd character builder is online yesterday.  I rebuilt my character in it and it's pretty cool, it's very easy to use and helpful.  I think it asked me if it could make me a cup of tea while I waited for it to load.

I need to get moving on the book.  I have  most of the text done but none of the pages.  Go figure. Okay, get to work, slacker.

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