Tuesday, November 2, 2010

there's nothing i can do, there's nothing i can say to you

Sitting in a disaster mgmt training class all day today. I think its gonna be pretty boring but the breakfast spread is awesome. Too bad i already ate breakfast. I did get some fruit and yogurt and granola to snack on later. Heard lunch is gonna be just as awesome so thats good.

Went bowling last night and that was fun. I didnt think it was possible to get worse than i already was but i did it. What an accomplishment. :/ Whatevs, its still fun. Its too loud in the bowling alley, tho, hard to have a conversation, and when a sucky song comes on you have no choice but to suffer through it.

No plans tonight. Maybe we will just have a nice night home.

Found out today that i didnt put a stamp on my official change of address for voter registration. That means that i dont get to vote. I sent the stupid letter like last year. Why didnt anyone tell me until now? Now i feel like a bad american.

Im a fun person to hang out with, right. God i feel boring today.

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