Sunday, November 7, 2010

You make me dance to a different beat

Sunday morning...  that's how I feel.

We need to get rid of daylight savings time as a country.  Now, I don't mind gaining an hour in the fall but I detest giving it back. And I really don't think it's necessary.  It messes people up just so you can have some sunlight earlier in the winter.  It doesn't change the amount of sunlight you get, just when you get it.  I'm gonna run for government, my platform: Daylight savings time is a bitch and needs to be put down, for good!

Would you vote for me?  I'm not promising anything else. 

Bear was sick (kind of) last night, Ry called me the minute I got to work and begged me to come home by being mean on the phone and then hanging up when I told him to give bear some motrin.  He said he couldn't find it so I got someone to cover for me, left work, picked up some more baby motrin, got home and found the other motrin just where I said it would be.  Gave bear some motrin, and other than a red face all night he seemed fine.  Meh. 

Anyway...Should probably get to work.  I'll hit all ya cool cats up later.

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