Friday, November 5, 2010

I was never here, it's just a faint reflection

It's a gloomy day in Twinsburg, Ohio.  Looks like it's gonna rain but I heard we might have our very first flake of snow fall for the season.  We had a pretty good fall so I think that's acceptable.  I'll post some pretty snow pictures of the watershed when I get some, the watershed is very photogenic.  

What started out as something that was (supposed to be) clever and insightful has turned into random ramblings of my life.  And it's pretty boring.  Oh well.  I didn't write this for you, as a very spiteful Dr.Frankenfurter would say.  Originally this was to be my diary, where I kept all my innermost thoughts. My mental fortress of solitude.  So much for that, too. Because, realistically, who posts their innermost thoughts on the internet for everyone to read?  I mean, I'm pretty open and frank with you all but I don't tell everything (I'm just not that kind of girl!).

So, it's my off day anyway and this is a bonus blog for you because Bear is being very quiet and coloring with crayons on the table (joy) and gave me ten minutes to type out stuffs.  

And I hope you enjoy the new layout.  I did it just for you.  

Oh, and keep your eyes open for the Grinch anti-Xmas bowling party details coming soon.  I'm gonna get a better name for that...and make up a pretty awesome bowling name.  There will be prizes for cool names.  I think I'm gonna have a cover charge for the party so it's easier for me, financially.  Hopefully that doesn't dissuade people.  It'll be fun, even if you hate bowling.

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