Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't waste your time on me, I'm already...

Hey y'all.  For those y'all who wear fanny packs, and pony tails?

Okay, enough of that.  Yea!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and tonight is my awesome zombie wave onslaught. It's gonna rock.  I made these awesome weapons cards and we have all sorts of zombies and skeletons to go against. I pretty much made a board game version of any zombie survival game but I don't care, I made it and it's gonna rock.  I'll take pics if I remember and post them later.

You know, i thought of something really cool to write about this morning while i was on my way to work and guess who already forgot what it was.  Why do I suck like that?  I'm not sure.  Oh well, maybe it will come to me, right? 

The other night while I was putting bear to bed ry and I both said 'good night, love you bear' and he said back to us 'nite!  wuvvewww'.  I about cried.  Acutually, I did cry.  It's the first time bear has ever said that love you. He hasn't said it since.  I think he's saving it up for when he's in trouble.  that's what I would do. 

Anyway...more of the same at work.  i do something they ask me to do and then they say that it's not what they know?  Yea, you know.

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