Saturday, September 8, 2012

Haunted house schedule....whooo scary ghost!

Yes!  It's time!  I already bought a groupon for haunted houses.  I love this time of year.  We will be starting Friday Sept 28th.

Here's some tentative travel nights, no particular order..

Night 1
Rockin R Ranch Spooky Ranch, Columbia Station.  $20 for 4 houses and a haunted hay ride.
Hinkley Cornstalkers haunted corn maze.  $10 with groupon discount.

Night 2
Fairvew Graveyard, Fairview Park.  $8 for one.
Hudson Haunted House $13.

Night 3
Haunted forest of carousel, Sheffield.  $13.

Night 4
Haunted orchard, wooster.  $15.
Nightmare in the wilderness, lodi. $15

Night 5 will be Pennsylvania...

I also started a google map with all the locations on the map, check it out, yo!  Also, if you have any suggestions or want to change anything make a suggestion.  Thanks!  This year is going to rock!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maggots strewn about that crawl

No song title today.  Fact title. Maggots on the floor in our garage this morning.  Not even on anything, just crawling about according to Ry, the master maggot killer.  I killed a few, he got the majority.  Gross.  It actually just adds to all the dumb shit happening to Casa Glow like an ill omen.  

First, a few quick pics from the Second Annual Birthday Massacre Nerf War.   I'll post more as I steal them from facebook, these are some I took on my phone.  
Prepping for battle

Pre game
Post game spoils

Where'd it go?

So, cleaning up the mess the next day we discovered the sink was all plugged up, which sucked because even though we had plastic cups everyone wanted to use a big kid cup and so I had a sink full of dishes to wash.  We draino-ed it.  Then we draino-ed it again.  No dice.  Called my mom and she and Geoff came over and helped ryan snake the drain.  No dice.  Then Geoff came over again with sulfuric acid drain cleaner.  I should have questioned that it came in a plastic sealed bag with the terms "CUIDADO!" written on it in all red caps.  It said WARNING! really big on the other side, so don't fret that it was some weird foreign draino.  It was plumber strength.  I have no idea of the concentration, it probably would have helped later last night.  But I didn't even want to touch the stuff.  It did finish the job the draino started, though.  The job of burning right through the pipes to drain out on the concrete slab in the crawlspace of our house.  Shortly after discovering this awesome fact, we also discovered that when mixed with draino it creates H2S, or for the layman, hydrogen sulfide gas.  Which smells like rotten eggs.  And is an irritant to the mucus membranes. Did I mention it filled the whole house?  We ended up opening all the windows and putting out fans to aerate the house.  Awesome.  Then we dumped a ton of baking soda solution down the drain to neutralize the chemical reaction.  It actually worked as far as I can tell, my house isn't on fire, the smell is gone and there isn't anything else weird happening that I can tell.  Hopefully.  I guess I'll find out when the plumber comes later today. Yup, had to hire a plumber.  Lucky us.  

The second awesome homeowner event to happen this week: I called and found someone, Mad Hatter Chimney Sweeps, to come clean out our fireplace and fix it so it stops acting like an open door in the winter. He came out and cleaned yesterday.  And cleaned and cleaned.  Then told me I needed like $700 more in repairs done to the fireplace.  A new damper, replaced mortar and flue tiles, a new cap.  He said there was a chimney fire in there at some point which ruined some of the internal workings and that it hasn't been maintained even though it's been heavily used.  Awesome.  So, grand total so far for fireplace: $850, probably.  For a fireplace we aren't even gonna use. needs done.  

So, now I'm waiting for the third thing to go wrong, because things go wrong in threes, right?  Isn't that a statistical fact? I hope it's cheaper the the first two...  I wonder if I initiated something if that would work?  Like if I got the one broken window fixed?  Or the carpeting ripped out of the kids rooms and lamanent put down?  Does that count?  

I guess I'm glad these things happened while I'm still on maternity leave and I don't have to take off of work to be here to wait for the repair guys.  

Also, look forward to a post of the haunted house schedule this's coming soon.  Post suggestions if you have any.