Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A dream far away to peel back the shade behind the gray

Cause I'm in the dark, all alone, around you.

Feeling like doing nothing today.  How sad is that?  I'm off tomorrow for Veterans day, thanks to all veterans.  It's also my grandpa's birthday so me and the bear might go out to visit him and make the most of the day off. 

I finished my first fluff book  yesterday (I just couldn't stop listening!) and went to get the second one. First, no audio book.  Second, checked out on clevenet.  Third, checked out at Twinsburg library!  FUCK!  So, I bought it on my ereader and downloaded the 3rd one from the library.  Poo.  Oh well, it was paperback priced cheap.  Can I just say I love bones so much.  I need a sexy british vamp to talk dirty to me, and more.  Oh yes.

Did a little work on the cleve book last night, too.  It's gonna be really awesome, or it's really gonna suck.  oh well, we are trying either way, i guess. 

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