Monday, October 4, 2010

I know i'm not your favorite record

So sore.  So sore.  So sore. 
Oh god, I'm so sore.

Well, the big bruises on my wrists seem to have gone away but my back and shoulders and butt are very sore. 

I only fell maybe four or five times yesterday.  I had a ton of fun but I'm not a very good skater, I discovered.  But i also learned that falling on your knee pads is nice and falling on your butt is not so nice. 

Still working on crossovers but i got the stops pretty good.  I mean, i'm still working on them, too, but i'm better at them then the crossovers.  Everyone was really nice.  Nastily Beating kinda took charge of my training for the most part yesterday, her and Smackaroni and Cheese.  Both very nice ladies. 

Tuesday night is learning how to fall.  Should be fun. 

Also went liquor shopping for the party. Should be good stuff.  My dress still isn't in, I'm getting a little nervous. 

Anyway...should probably go to work now.  Talk to you guys later. 

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