Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You have said your name is not for me. I try not to be disappointed.

Still sore and tired.  And you are tired of hearing it.

I'm having doubts about wether or not I have the time to do roller derby.  I almost quit like three times last night.  I think I'm gonna keep forcing myself to go anyway.  I wanna do it, I just have minimal will power it seems.  Why do I suck so bad?

The EPA thing got cancelled today so all the work I did to rush to get ready for this meeting, for nothing.  Oh well I guess. I can actually do a good job on it now, maybe. 

I'm feeling intimidated today.  By life.  I wonder why I try so hard at it when I really am not good at it.  a lesson in futility.

1 comment:

  1. Keep at the roller derby thing, kid. If not that, then definitely find something for your self. It's funny you decided to do the roller derby thing. Right before Jason started interviewing for Google, I was seriously thinking of trying out for it once I was out of school. But then life happened. It's pretty normal to feel intimidated at this point. You're freaking playing roller derby! Keep at it...or at least do something that makes you happy.