Thursday, October 21, 2010

And let your eyes catch wide, the way they should

Was not prepared for work today at all.  First of all, Asher was sick with diarreha all last night and was up like four times.  I called off this morning and stayed home with him but he seemed to be feeling better and I have stuff I need to get done at work so I dropped him off at grandmas and came in.  He was not happy at all about going to grandmas, either, btw.  Oh yes, theatrics, tantrum throwing, he's not usually like this but i think he still doesn't feel well.

Anyway, I get to work and I am ambushed by my boss and his boss about the reservoir thing.  For like and hour and a half.  I haven't even changed into my uniform yet.  Crazy right? 

So, yeah.  I almost died in DnD last night, too.  It was pretty close.  Playing the vic's campaign tonight, that will be fun as usual. 

I want to play the new alice game but it doesn't come out for a long time.  I also wanna play the new fallout game even though I have never played any of the old ones. I have watched ry play them, though, so that counts.  And bioshock 2.  I just want to play some games.  Oh, and the new sonic game on PS3, pretty rocking.  i had fun.  Haven't beaten it yet but i will soon.  The vic made fun of me for not beating it yet.  I made fun of him for not propagating his genes.

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