Saturday, October 30, 2010

A simple sound, a heavy sigh could win the whole world over

 Here's the pics JJ took of bear carving pumpkins I promised a while back.  I'll probably post a review of our last haunted house of the season, fear forest, tomorrow or something, my finger still hurts pretty bad to type.  Trying to find a boo at the zoo or other halloween party for Bear to go to today, waiting to hear back from the zoo.

Was sad because people couldn't come haunted housing last night but we still had a good time.  Man, it was COLD out!  but, overall a nice season, this was our only real cold weekend, and no rain!  So, it was a win win situation for hh season.  If it's a consolation for those of you who missed out last night it wasn't the best we had been to this year. 
By the way, the pic above of Bear shows that he was the happiest he's ever been pulling guts out of pumpkin innards. He's just so joyous!

Okay, well, should go back to spending family time.  Talk more later gaters.

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