Saturday, October 16, 2010

see a girl from your high school but you look away.

So, party is today.  Can't get the pics of the cupcakes uploaded from my phone to facebook.  Hopefully I'll have pics from the party to post today. 

Bear woke up at like, I dunno, 516 am, not that I was looking, with a nightmare and refused to go back to sleep.  so that's where i am, now. Tired.  unmotivated.  

Hummus was a failure yesterday, too.  Ry says it's okay but it just didn't taste right to me.  Gonna go  buy some salsa or something.  I also forgot to pick up chocolate and graham crackers for these ridiculously large marshmallows ry has been so excited about for a month now. 

Don't worry, y'all, chubby alice in the hizzy.

So, watched lost boys 3 last night with marttiny and it was awesome.  I stole it (well actually ry did) from the vic but i'm gonna give it back and buy it for myself.  i liked it that much.  I'm not much of a movie buyer anymore with netflix.  I felt bad because brittish had already seen it and this week to boot but the vic made her watch it again.  I really need to come up with a good nick name for her.  Something Iron Maidenish?  I really don't know much about maiden so..that might not work.  I'll keep thinking.

Okay, i should get dressed (yes, i'm typing this drinking tea in my jammies while ry and bear play downstairs which still needs vacuumed) and going.  First batch of pulled pork is done, second just went in should be ready for party. Pretty tasty. 

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