Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The shock and terror keeps me sane

Carved pumpkins with JJ and marttiny last night.  Good times.  It's frustrating because your pumpkins look like crap almost the whole time until you put the candle inside and light it up and then you are like 'holy moley batman!'  Unfortunately there were no batman pumpkin stencils this year.  I'll steal a pic from jj really quick and apply it here.  Just a min...almost...okay,  here you go.

Lil bear was so cute, I showed him how to pick guts out of the pumpkins and that's all he wanted to do for the rest of the night.  JJ took pictures of that, too, but hasn't posted them  yet. I'll steal them from her when she does.  So cute.  But then he kept trying to put the guts back inside the pumpkins, too. 

DnD tonight, and tomorrow is Mom's Bday so we will be taking her out to dinner instead of DnD.  The Vic told me he's  gonna kill our party members while we are out since we can't defend ourselves.

I wanted to buy VIP tix to the TBM show but found out that the VIP part is 35 on it's own and the total cost is 50.  too much!  Oh well.  We will still have fun and I'll get to see Dommin and TBM so that rocks. 

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  1. Hey I actually did post a pic in my "Houses & Pumpkins" gallery of Asher. Just one. I sent you 3 via email tho at your Yahoo account. Check your spam box, maybe they ended up there. If not, let me know and I'll email them from my Yahoo account.

    Never trust email. Harumph!