Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Err on the side of caution, they're taking in the new girl

 Good morning.  More pictures.  Don't we all look good?

Went bowling with Otto last night.  Yup, I guess I did call her that.  that was her bowling name, otto vonbowlsti.  Mine was Bolla Rella.  They did not get the reference.  Too young.  Her minority friend (his words, not mine) JP was there, too.  God, I'm so old.  And, my elbow...well, it didn't like me bowling.  Neither did my bowling score, btw.  Ouch.  I never broke 100 in any of the four rounds we bowled.  But I had fun and I got a few strikes and some spares but mostly not so many. 
Let's see, what else happened?  Not much.  Tried to watch poltergeist yesterday but bear would have none of that.  Had tacos.  I love tacos.  One of the best foods ever, in my opinion.  What say you?  Yeah, you know you love tacos.  Working on a short story, might post it on the blog later today.  I mean, short. Like a few paragraphs.  Oh well, maybe you'll enjoy it. 

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