Friday, October 22, 2010

All the dishes rattle in the cupboard when the elephants walk by

A quicky today.  taking a break from bear, he's reading (insert destroying) library books that i'm trying to organize to take back today.  Never mind, now he's begging me for fishies on the computer. okay.  taken care of.  Anyway, baked some pumpkins to steal their flesh and make cookies and latte with later today.  So, if you are coming haunted housing you can expect some awesome pumpkin latte if i get to the store and buy latte.  if not, it'll just be pumpkin coffee.  Still, nice for taking with you to haunted houses.  

Gonna head out in a bit to pick up El from school, too.  Gonna have some pumpkin ice cream and some butter beer.  Jealous much?  Not sure yet if I'm gonna take Asher with me or drop him off at grandmas for a few hours.  He would like pumpkin ice cream but he might not like the travel time.  Honestly he'll probably sleep in the car if i take him but he'd get a better nap if I left him at grandmas, maybe...

Well, another haunted house post soon....

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