Friday, October 8, 2010

on, off like a light switch, sometimes I don't know where you're coming from

Friday night at watersupply.  It's a quiet night.  Almost caught a trespasser but they got away.  Darn.  I am just not stealthy enough with sore muscles, I kinda fell down the side of a small cliff and alerted them to my presence, they just waited til I left and then they left.  Oh well, right?

Gonna go practice roller skating tomorrow, maybe Brit will come with me.  I gave her another nickname on here before but I forget what it was now, so for today it's Britt.  Oh, no, I changed it again.  I'm gonna give her a complex. 

Tomorrow is Garretsville and Canton Haunted Houses.  I forgot to pull money out so I'm gonna have to stop by the bank, too. 

Hung out with K-snyd today, too.  We chilled with our babies, it was nice.  Asher was super cute, he would get close to Isa and rub his cheek on her face and say "hi baby".  So super cute I wanted to throw up rainbows and unicorns all over the place.

Heard a podcast today that said if you aren't in the mood you need to hang out with nursing mothers.  This only works if you are a woman, though.  Just my helpful tip of the day. 

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