Saturday, October 2, 2010

Haunted House Reviews for 10-1-10

Last night kicked off Haunted House Season for us.  Here are my personal reviews of both houses.

The Fear Experience
Location: 31515 Lorain Road.
North Olmsted, Ohio
Two houses cost $13

These houses are super easy to find, they are literally right off the highway.  Despite a lack of a large indicating sign you will see tons of small 11' X 15' white yard post signs all over from the minute you get off the highway. 

Once you get there, depending on the time, you will also see kids playing soccer.  Soccer of the doomed. 

This place wasn't very crowded when we went, but it is the first weekend.  Hopefully it does well because these houses, though short and this being their first year, have a lot of potential. Of the two houses, I preferred the second one, it had a little bit of a maze element to it and I do always enjoy that.  If these two houses have separate names, I didn't see them anywhere.  

Also, they were a little short on actors, hopefully they can afford a few more next time.  But, over all, effects were good, house had a good atmosphere, actors were enthusiastic and we had a good time.  What else can you ask of a haunted house?

My Rating: 7 out of 10

Towpath Trail,
Broadview Heights
$15.00, $1.00 discount coupon available on their website 

Bloodview never fails to impress.  The Legion of Terror is always impressive.  The makeup was phenomenal, the actors are very 'in your face'.  They take their jobs very seriously and really seem to enjoy what they do.  The atmosphere is always impressive.  

We go to this one every year and are never disappointed.  Unlike the haunted school house and laboratory it is changed up just enough to keep you on your toes, and the real reason, even though the houses are awesome, that you go is for the excellent actors.  I don't believe that any other houses we go to have quite the same level of acting that bloodview has.  The acting combined with the remarkable makeup make this one haunted house not to miss this year!  I wish I could write more about Bloodview but Asher is being demanding so, until next time....

My rating:  9 out of 10 

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