Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, everyone but me.

Good early sunday morning.  Two haunted house reviews coming right up.  Then I've got derby practice. I'm on vacation most of the week this week so I can get ready for my party so the updates might be hit or miss, just an fyi.

Factory of Terror, Canton, Ohio.

This one rocked pretty hard core.  It was def not as good as bloodview as far as acting or makup goes but it wasn't poor quality in that respect, either.  Compairing makeup and acting to bloodview for any haunted house kinda isn't fair.  The price of this house ($23, $20. if you have a coupon) is totally worth it.  This house is comprised of four houses, and over all it's HUGE!!  This is the biggest house we have been to this year and I doubt we will find one to rival the size (I hope I'm proved wrong, though...)Very nice overall.  I don't want to go into detail about each house because it might ruin it for people but it's very fun and they do a good job.  And the prop work at this house, pretty phenominal.  First of all, it is called factory of terror so you probably should expect a bit of a factory setting.  So, they already have all the factory equiptment they need, you know?  But, man, they put it to some good use. Good stuff. 

I give this house 7 out of 10 screams. With special consideration, though, I give the first house in this set of houses it's own special rating, 8.5 out of 10 cool points.  The first house is the coolest.

As a side note, I want to point out that Freddy Kruger kidnaped my brother and held him ransom until he could name a Justin Beber song or until someone else could come by and save him.  He didn't come out again.  No, wait, I lied.  But I can take 20 Justin Bebers in a fight, the internet told me so.

Fortress of Fear, Fearanoia, Garrettsville, Ohio

This set of houses is pretty good, if you have never been here before you definatly should check it out.  First of all, the houses are only $11.00 so it's nice for your budget (as far as paying for haunted houses goes).  It takes forever to get into the first house even if the line is short.  And I mean, forever.  Basically, it's because they only send one group of people in at a time.  And they wait for that group to finish the house before they send in the next group.  So, it's really nice having no one catch up to you or slow you down.  But waiting...well, no one likes to wait, right?

Once again, I won't tell you about the houses because I don't want to ruin them for anyone who would like to go.  I will tell you that nothing has changed if you have been to this one before. 

Another thing, the houses themselves (layout, prop work, creepy factor) are pretty good, especially for such a small operation in the middle of nowhere.  But...the actors, well, you know, it's just my opinion but there's more to working in a haunted house than wearing a mask and screaming at people.  And getting into a girls face and breathing heavy for  a long time.  Like, acting (not acting like a douche).  So, actors here, not so great, but overall is a good house to visit, especially on a budget. 

I give house 5.5 out of 10 black cats and 1 hairy witch butt as a bonus point since I'm opinionated from last year. 

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