Thursday, October 14, 2010

we shouldn't touch other people when it's not okay

so, yeah....
i'm still feeling down about derby.  I missed last night.  My thighs still hurt pretty bad and I was just super depressed so, you know... :(

Plus, my bro and the vic watched lost boys 3 without me.  Like, one of my favorite movie series of all time and they watched it without me. I mean, everyone says that i am over reacting and they don't think that way but it hurt my feelings, like, i'm not cool enough to watch it with.  I get to watch it by myself.  Maybe i won't watch it at all, since i suck so bad.  I prob will.  maybe.  i don't know. the only person i hurt by doing it is myself but i hate myself anyway so who cares, right? 

Ah, it's one of those days.  My dress makes me look thick.  So, that's fun too.  and i get to spend all day cleaning.  even more fun. oh well.  
And people can tell me all day long that i didn't quit roller derby but i did.  and that is one more thing on my list of things i just couldn't get done.  i don' tknow, i 'm gonna try out maybe for the cleveland team (they have a cuter outftit anyway) in august, and train with Steph during the rest of the year.  i don't know.  

I need to end this pity party now and get cleaning.  Probably shouldn't even have written today at all.

it all just seems like excuses to me. 

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