Friday, March 29, 2013

Know that the path is never long

So...I hit Ryan's car today.  In the driveway.  Parked behind my car.  Cause that's how awesome I am.  I suck.  I told him last night jokingly that if he didn't move it into the garage that I might accidentally hit it.  And this morning, i looked at it, noticed it, then completely forgot about it as I was trying to angle out of the garage.  Awwww.....yeaaaa... But, it made me think...I am pretty sure this is the first car accident that I have been in that is my fault.  So, I guess that's a pretty good track record.

Nope.  I still suck.  I wonder if this is any indication on what kind of day I will have today.  I am going to a canoe livery opening today.  Maybe I shouldn't drive.

I got Teavana tea the other day.  It's awesome.  White tea earl gray.  For the win.  But...I lost it.  It really isn't my day.

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