Saturday, September 14, 2013

Even if we're underground you know that we'll be safe and sound

Haunted house season!  My freaking favorite.  :)

Anyway, my brother had a truly boss idea and I think we are going to do it one night, we are all going to go down on a friday night to columbus and get a hotel and hit a bunch of haunted houses one night and the next day go to the columbus zoo.  Ry and the kids are going to come down and (not enjoy the haunted houses) go to the zoo with us. FUN!!!

Here's a bunch of ideas that I'm posting here so I don't forget.  I will make the schedule soon.

Near Columbus:
Haunted Hoochie 
The Creep 
The Haunted Farm
House of Pain
Wells Twp Haunted House

Canfield Haunted House and Corn Maze

Lake Erie Fear Fest

Factory of Terror
Mansfield Reformatory

Find more?  Add them to the comments section!

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