Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cause I'm gonna do the things that I want to do, I ain't got a thing to prove to you

So last night while I was wasting time painting my toenails (wasting time since no one will see the toenails I painted except for those who live with me and myself) a color called "morbid" and then painting over that with glow in the dark finger nail polish and then another coat of lacquer, well, I imagined myself doing it with my best friend. 

So, here's the kicker.  I don't really have a best friend.  I used to have one.  I had two one time, back in the day.  I have none now.  But, that's not what is really bad, or sad, about the whole thing.  The sad part of this story is that I spent 40 minutes fantasizing about my TV best friend.  I call her my 'TV bestfriend' because TV has completely ruined my idea of friendship.  Here's a list of why. 

Me owning 'morbid'
colored fingernails
1.  In my fantasy world, my TV best friend always wants to hang out with me.  We do all sorts of stuff together, like painting toe nails.  In fact, she gave me a pep talk last night about how I should paint my fingernails to match.  I told her that painting your fingernails a color called 'morbid' and then 'glow in the dark' would be kind of juvenile.  She told me that it would only be juvenile if I let it, and that it would work if I 'owned it'.  I told her that I would.  So I painted my finger nails a color called 'morbid' and I plan on owning it. 

2.  My TV best friend wants to hang out with me when she is sad.  We cry together and she bitches about her love live (or lack there of) and how men are jerks and we watch sappy movies together while eating popcorn (she drizzles hers in chocolate when she's sad).  We discuss things over tea and we recommend books to eachother and then talk about them afterwards. 

3.  Coffee shops.  Man, we hang out in coffee shops like hipsters (we aren't hipsters, though, we are way too cool for that pretentiousness).  We are so super cool.  She drinks Columbian house blend with two shots of marshmellow and half and half.  I get a pumpkin latte with soy.  Sometimes we play the last letter movie game.  Sometimes we talk about work or what not and sometimes we just people watch. 

4.  My TV bestfriend and I get into fights over stupid stuff but we always resolve it within the half hour time frame and are closer afterwards because of it. 

5.  She is funny and clever, very smart and charismatic.  I wonder why she has such bad luck with men, she's such a good person.  She is really cute and pretty but she is strong willed and doesn't let anyone take advantage of her.  I guess men are intimidated by her because she is so independant. 

So, there, my unrealistic TV best friend.  Now, the real question is am I touched in the head that I spend my time talking to her and getting her advice and pretending we do all these super cool things together?  She and I are planning a road trip, a weekend trip to someplace super awesome.  We haven't decided yet where we want to go, if we want to drive or pay the money to fly just to be somewhere more fun and exotic. 

Okay, yes, I am probably touched in the head.  The sad thing is that I just made up TV BF yesterday.  While painting my toenails.  But we made friends fast and we are tight like this *fingers crossed*.  That tight. 

Here's another picture of my snow vs water drawing that was added to by other AWS employees:
And here is Bath of Fire by PUSA because I love it and I can.  It's my blog. 


  1. I have an imaginary friend too.. :) Actually I just talk to myself a lot in my head. It's more like I'm my own best friend.. I swear there used to be a song that explained. But really. You are the perfect best friend for yourself. Just think about it. At least you can admit this. Many people won't, but I think we all do.

  2. See, I still feel it's sad that I have to have an imaginary best friend to be totally cool with. It just seems so pathetic.

  3. well everyone is different. There are going to be disagreements and differences between you and anyone. No two people have all the same interests and opinions at the same time. Your brain gives you the ability to interact with yourself in an outside way for a reason, right? Idk. It's interesting. It's not such a bad thing I don't think. You sure you don't like philosophy stuff??