Thursday, December 30, 2010

Find a cure for my life, 2o1o laundry list

Here is a rundown of points of interest in my life in 2o1o:

-read and kept track of 75+ books
-hosted a pretty kick ass (if i do say so myself) alice in wonderland party
-saw Alton Brown live
-cooked what i watched Alton make live
-went to 3 wine tastings, got inebriated at 3 wine tastings
-organized a sucessful suprise party for ry's 31st birthday
-tried out for roller derby
-went to california
-went to gilroy garlic festival
-almost got left by the side of the road in CA for singing in the car
-wrote blog all year
-repaired a broken friendship
-kept my child alive and unneglected for the entire year (mostly).
-completed an undeveloped program at work for the EPA and a 22 page plan that accompanies it that I'm pretty proud about.
-joined a gym then hardly ever went
-went to put in bay for work and it was awesome
-got hit on by a younger dude at put in bay all night.
-still failed at finding out who I am and want to be. I'll work on that.
-learned how to be comfortable in fine dining establishments
-saw a few of my very favorite bands (birthday massacre and dommin)
-created a zombie game (albeit not an entirely original one)
-drove off with the gas pump still in my vehicle at work, spraying gushers of gasoline everywhere.
-organized another year of awesome haunted house road trips, including a trip to the super duper awesome haunted hoochie.
-did not sell my "vacation home" as the guys at work call the condo (wanna buy it? Please?)

There' prob more, if I think of more ill comment them. Do you have any i missed?
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Here's your music for today.  Enjoy more zombies.  I'm dwelling, I know.  I can't seem to get zombies out of my brain.  Get it? yeah? do ya? okay. 


  1. I'll by your vacation home if I can turn it into a crack house

  2. Didn't you find out your kitty was diabetic in 2010? You've kept him healthy since then!