Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have you ever sat down in the fresh cut grass and thought about the moment and when it will pass

Happy Sunday morning.  Well, not so much happy, just kind of tired and here.  But not bad, either. .

So, I tried to be nice but I failed.  I wasn't even trying to be mean, it just happened.  So, I figure that I am just not internet nice.  It makes me sad but... (and some people are just overly sensitive). 

So, I was thinking about what makes a super duper nicest person ever kind of person.  Here is the impromptu list I came up with: 

1.  Being nice to everyone equally (including bad drivers, people who type in all caps and yourself). See, here is where I am not nice at all, I failed the including list by all three....

2.  Not getting mad at people just for annoying you.  Or at least not getting visibly mad at them.  Outright. But the perfect nice person wouldn't get mad at anyone ever, they would always forgive and forget and be all loving and sappy all the time. Yeah....I fail here, too. I am an open book of emotions most of the time.  You just don't know which page to turn to...

3.  Thinking about others and considering their feelings and not being selfish.  Here is another problem...I often don't realize that what I do and say hurt other people's feelings.  I don't try to do just happens. My super power is social akwardness and saying inappropriate things at inopprotune times.  I think my filter is clogged and bypassed.

Well, that's my list of the super nicest and bestest person ever.  I am aware that it's unrealistic but what can you expect, it's like, 730 on sunday morning.  I'm not going to be super awesome at writing this early.  And it's cold outside and I'm feeling pretty fat.  I hate the winter, I want to go out and get some excersize but it's sooo cold and I end up just wanting to stay inside and read in bed.  I hate the cold.  It's so....cold.  You know?

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