Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And, well, things they tend to accumulate

Just got done shoveling all of the snow in kent.  At least, it feels like it.  My hands are permanent claws now from all the snow shoveling.  And that doesn't even begin to clear the snow in my driveway.  Where is a nice young do-gooder to come and do a random act of kindness for me? Oh well, I guess that he helps them who help herself. 

So, little bear is a little typhoid Mary.  Man, he seems to infect everyone he sees.  And even people he doesn't.  It's crazy.  I hope its finally over. 

So, I need some input...I am very angry a lot a work.  I don't want to be angry at work.  So, I need some type of creative outlet that I can do at work that doesn't involve the internet to help me relax and burn off tension and anger.  Any suggestions?  I had thought about getting a small sandbox in my office and making a zen garden...

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