Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's 16 muthafuckin godamn bits

So, firstly lets start off with a correction from yesterday's post. I was wrong about the flu shot, I don't have the flu I have a stomach virus so the flu shot is not effective towards that.  So, good for me, I don't have the flu.  Flu shot for the win!  Unfortunately for me, I had a stomach virus. And so did Asher and Ry.  Both of them seem to be feeling better today, Bear is a little fussy today but he's demanding to eat again so that must be good, right?  I just want to point out that since Ry was more sick than me, I decided that I rolled higher on my Fortitude save than he did.  And he has a ridiculously high fortitude, unlike me, I think my fortitude is only like 15 but ry's must be like 24.  So, he must have rolled like, a 2 or something.  I usually roll the 2 so I'm pretty happy about that for me but not so much for Ry. 

Anyway, I had to call off again today because Roro and gramps both have the stomach virus now, too.  So, hopefully since we are all better and I cleaned the bathrooms really good with bleach that nothing will be transferred to people on cookie day. I'm gonna clean a bunch more but bear is being super clingy and won't hang out with daddy at all today.  I tried to go out and shovel and someone had a massive meltdown. 

Bear is driving me crazy today. 

I'm done.  Here's your video for today. 

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