Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bitter heart, bitter heart, tries to keep it all inside

So, it seems that this bug we had is really making it's way around.  I wasn't even near the vic all week and he still got it, presumably from someone else.  So, he won't be coming to cookie day.  Sad times.  Oh well, I guess, what can you do?  Nothing but puke it all away.  

In other news today, cookie day!  Yeah!  I'm excited.  I love the holidays and I really feel like I haven't been able to connect with the season in years.  I know that with Bear it will be easier and all of my long distance friends coming back soon and everything, I'm really excited.  I got my christmas music CD all ready to go (thanks Pumpa!) and everything is pretty much in place...Gah, I'm so excited.  Friends, baking, cookies, christmas music, and bear.  What else do I need to feel the yuletide joy?  

Hmm....maybe some wine. I'll work on it.  We have dinner reservations at downtown 140 with the lorenzes tomorrow, that will be awesome, and Bear gets to see his first Santa tomorrow while I'm at work, I hope that goes well...And we are supposed to get a shit ton of snow tomorrow so hopefully the lorenzes can make it out.  

Okay, I have dished to do for the cookie capers extravaganza....

here's your video today: 


  1. I'm bringing yuletide wine for you for Christmas. That will be something to look forward to.

  2. Dude, just seeing you will be something to look forward to for christmas.