Monday, December 13, 2010

The end is quite near, the hour is in fact, is quite here.

It's snowing balls out today.  I'm gonna get ready to go out in about half an hour or so....Wish me luck. 

So, I guess that yesterday with Santa Bear had a breakdown of massive proportions.  And he pooped all over ry (had a diaper malfunction).  So, a failure in all senses of the word.  Then my mother was supposed to watch him last night but was acting all weird like she didn't want to and I almost had to hit her over the head.  But she did watch him and Ry and I went with the lorenzes and Rella and his new gf Rose of Sharon to Downtown 140 in Hudson.  It was good but I liked what I had better last time.  Also, there was a live band and it was too loud, that space is too small for a live band.  It was cute, all the old people would clap after each song like we were not eating dinner but actually at a place to just watch some jazz musicians with mullets. 

here's a pic from cookie day, I'll have more eventually.  Nevermind, facebook won't let me download my own pictures.  How lame. 

Anyway...Had a dream that I was in a tube shaped elevator with a girl I didn't know and the cable snaped and we fell like seven stories.  We ended up being trapped in the elevator and even though the doors were transparent plastic of some sort we couldn't get anyone to notice us.  So we busted out the top and ended up travelling the elevator shaft's maintence area where we found a dwarf.  I'm not being insensitive, it was an actual dwarf like gimli or a dnd dwarf, big full beard, hand axe, shield, all that.  He started wandering the tunnels with us and we didn't find our way out.  I don't know what that means at all. 

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