Friday, December 31, 2010

She never fooled us because she could never fool herself

Ah, the last day of 2010.  This is it.  All regrets and accomplishments for 2010 in the bin.  It's not so bad, really.  Another year, a fresh start. And the Sci-Fi Movie Marathon!  Woot!  Who's excited? 

I really don't have much to say on this last day of 2010.  I always feel that something monumental should be said on the last day of the year, something moving and important.  But unfortunately I have nothing moving or particularly important to say.  I guess I'll leave that to someone else. 

I really have zombies on the mind...I can't seem to shake them.  I GMed gamma world last night and it was totally plants vs zombies themed. Kind of.  I really like all the player characters we have so far, they are pretty awesome.  The Vic is a giant plucked turkey named Dr. Horrible who uses a Tesla coil to speak.  Ry is a kitty android named Neko-Bot 2000 who goes between super smart robot to irritating cat-person.  The NPC I made is a Russian rock woman who thinks everything can be related to bears and safe like houses.  But, lots of zombies in the game so far.  So, why am I so obsessed with zombies?  I hope I'm not a fortune teller and am predicting the coming zombie Apocalypse of 2011. 

I know it's been done before but perhaps I'll write up my own personal zombie survival guide.  Like, my own personal plan on how I'll deal with the zombie Apocalypse of 2011.  It could be my first post of 2011...A public service announcement if you will. 

And, just to keep in the feel of things, you're zombie song of the day:

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