Sunday, December 5, 2010

I saw a girl flying through the sky and I looked up her skirt

Good morning.  So...let's get right into it, eh?

Parties!  Two of them, one better than the other.  So, first we went to my dad's house where guilt was mildly spread on my cracker of life.  We had to leave before Santa got there because I had to have Bear over to the babysitter by 6:30 so we wouldn't be late for the bowling party at 7.  Food was pizza and stuff so that was nice.  The main problem I had was that I only knew a few people at this gathering at my dad's house, everyone there were strangers.  I felt uncomfortable since I didn't know anyone but my step brother and his family and my dad and joyce.  It was weird. 

Anyway, and here's where it's gonna take a while to get through....bear with me, it's a good story I think.  So, we show up at the bowling alley at 7, JJ is waiting for us and The vic pulled in when we did but no one else is there yet.  It's packed.  I mean, every lane is full up.  We come to find out that it's league night.  I had asked Bobo (the girl not the monkey) to check it out for us earlier that week (you know, get a lane or make sure it was available or what have you) but she didn't realize that it was league night.  So, we stood in the  hallway waiting for everyone to show up and trying to figure out something fun to do that wasn't bowling there.  We actually called up all the bowling alleys we could think of to see if there was some where else we could go but, alas, all the alleys were in leagues. 

So, Stevarella brought his new girlfriend for all of us to meet, her name isn't Rose of Sharon but that's what we will call her for anonymity purposes.  She works at the Ravenna Eagles, which for those of you who don't know what that is, it's like a private club you pay for membership at.  Drinks are super cheap and they generally have a pool table and a jukebox.  So, after much deliberation and direction giving, we head our caravan over thataway.  Rose of Sharon told us that they had one of those old fashioned bowling machines, so that was what sealed the deal for us.  It was just like when me and the shig were kids.  And we are still pretty good at the bowling game, too.  I guess it's like riding a bike.  

Anyway, we get there, start playing, stevarella orders pizza and chicken, and we bowl and drink and play music and have a good time.  

Let me change that.  Most of us had a good time.  Ry was upset because Dave was there.  I want to point out that I'm pretty tired of the whole "must hate dave" thing.  I'm over it.  And if anyone should be the one offended or upset or anything it would be me.  And it's not.  So ry just needs to get over it.  It happened so long ago and I just don't care anymore about it.  I'm tired of not hanging with my friends because ry's  pride is hurt for the last 2 years or something.  So, ry is upset about that, already.  then he's upset because he says that we took over the club (it's a private club, so you know, members pay for the privilege to drink alone) and had a party there.  Honestly there were really only like 6 people in the club and Rose of Sharon worked there so if we were being obnoxious I figured the bartender (who was super nice all night) would tell us to leave or quiet down or something, right?  Right.  And Rose of sharon did tell me I was being obnoxious (I might have said fuck really loud once).  And I apologized and said I wouldn't do it again and things were cool again.  So, Ry brought down my night by being embarrassed of me and upset about Dave and what have you but it was still pretty fun.   

One drunk old dude came over to me after I made the "fuck" incident and tried to talk me up about how everyone was fuddy-duddied and I can say fuck all i want to, hey, do you want this candy cane I had in my nose?  No, dude, I don't, but you stay cool. 

I kinda got pretty inebriated last night.  Hopefully my friends were not annoyed with me.  The only other person really drinking (besides stevarella) was the shig.  Everyone else was not.  So, maybe I was annoying to everyone.  I can never tell, especially when I'm having a good time.  I was a little bummed that The Vic and Bobo (girl not the monkey) were being so standoffish last night, too. I really wanted everyone to have a good time but I'm worried that only me and my brother and stevarella did. 

Oh, did  I mention we made snow angels in the boccie court, too?  It was awesome.  And cold.  It was so cold. 

Lots of fun.  I had to come in to work at 7 am, too.  So, here I am, typing away, somehow still alive and feeling pretty okay all things considering.  I mean, I did have four soco and lime, one shot of jager and two gin and tonics.  That's a shit ton of liquor for me. 

Overall, I think things worked out for the best last night, going to the Eagles really did work out really well.  So all things considering, it was a pretty successful party, except for the few details I mentioned about people being upset or standoffish or what have you. 

Good times. 

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