Friday, December 17, 2010

I spent the weekend hanging round your trailer

So, I guess I was kinda mean yesterday.  So, this is my nice person post to make up for it.  Yup.  Here is me being completely nice and friendly.  Loving everyone and all that.  And loving them equally (even bad drivers and people who use all caps on the internet), not loving this person over here with too strong hug fierceness but that one over there only just a teensy weensy bit (which is probably all they deserve, but I promised I would love them all equally). 

I'm repenting for being mean.  I'm sorry.  And, you know I am.  I feel the guilt.  I'm born and bred to feel it. And feel it I do.  Mighty powerful.  I might have been lying about loving everyone equally but I really did try to do it.  So, in efforts to keep this blog as nice and loving as possible I am keeping it short.  But I'll draw a picture of my equal love.    For some reason people receiving my rainbow love powers are all holding hands like a hands across American ad campaign.  That must just be how motivated they are by my love. 

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