Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hard hearted don't worry, I'm ready for a fight

I hate when people type in all capital letters on then internet.  It just makes you look angry and/or dumb.  Usually both.  Jeanie (a girl who I'm really not that fond of anyway) always posts stupid comments on my friend Ann's facebook page just because Ann said one nice thing to her once in her life and she has a little baby girl.  Ann does not like Jeanie.  But she tolerates her for who knows what reason. *Edit--  So, here is where I should say that I probably shouldn't speak in other people's voices for things that are true for not them but myself.  Sorry Ann.  It's not Ann that doesn't like her, it's kinda me, and it's because she has been mean and kinda hateful to me since the moment she met me.  So it's obvious why I don't feel that we have lots of love and happy feelings for each other.  I think that's enough explaining myself and rectifying that Ann does not dislike Jeanie.  But I do.* Here is one of her stupid comments all in caps on Ann's husband's fb page:

What does going to Europe have to do with watching finding nemo?  I haven't seen the movie, maybe it is relevant.  But, bad grammar, horrible misspellings, too much punctuation, it's kind of like reading my blog.  But only if I WROTE MY BLOG IN ALL CAPITOL LETTERS ALL THE TIME, CAUSE THIS ISN'T REALLY ANNOYING OR RUDE OR ANYTHING.  And it totally doesn't make me look angry or dumb at all.  Nope.  So, when I saw her comment on two other posts in all caps I just asked her nicely (I thought it was nicely, I didn't use the internet etiquette of profanity and l33t sp34k...) to take caps lock off.  Here, you can be the judge:
So, whatever... she is going to be a loud dumb angry idiot still and she will misspell it just to make her point even louder and dumber.  I hate the internet.  Or rather, I hate the stupid self righteous people on the internet.  Boy, doesn't that sound like I'm being self righteous?  I guess I hate myself, too. 

This video is one I reposted on facebook yesterday but it made me feel really good.  I actually watched it four times yesterday and I think I'll probably watch it again a bunch today.  So, I'm sharing here, too.


  1. Oh, harsh woman! I wouldn't say I dislike her. But you can do whatever, you want. It's your blog post. I know the all caps stuff gets old. Jeanie does have her good qualities, though.

  2. in my defense, i prob shouldn't have said you don't like her...but she has always hated me, i don't know why. So, she is always slightly mean to me and it gets old. Oh well.