Friday, December 10, 2010

Cause even if that homie got shot, then there'd still be the bump knocking in your trunk get you out your funk

Well, I think the sickness has finally passed our house.  According to the most reliable source on the internet for all things of medical nature (web md, and this is partially sarcasm) since asher had a relatively normal poo this morning he is no longer considered contagious from the stomach virus, also known as rotovirus (maybe).  So, maybe, just maybe, I'll be allowed to see people for the first time this week.  I'm not very good at not being socially interactive with people.  It makes me sad.  And I've been pretty sad.  I even had self pitying dreams.  How pathetic is that?  Here's the dream from last night: 

So, all my friends (the ohio ones) are at Cedar Point with me.  Except I couldn't find them forever.  And then, when I did find them they were all together and they couldn't make up their minds what they wanted to do.  So, I said I'd like to ride the Maverick because I still never have rode it.  My brother acted like he wanted to ride it but then he went over and sat by Rachel who didn't really want to ride it.  JJ was in the bathroom and no one wanted to make a decision before she got back.  Martin wanted to do the opposite of anything I suggested.  Ry said he would do whatever I wanted to do but then kept leaving.  Jen and Chuck didn't say anything at all.  I suggested we split up and no one wanted to do that. Jeh and Steph kept going off on their own to play the games and win giant stuffed animals.  My brother told me to stop being so over dramatic and just hang out, it doesn't matter if we go ride the maverick or not, I can ride it next time.  I told him we say that every time.  Hence, the being over dramatic.  So, finally I left by myself and rode the racing carousel but it was different, the animals moved more similar to real life, so the eagle I was on kind of flew, it was pretty cool.  But by the time I got off the ride all my friends had gone and I couldn't find anyone. 

So, yes, I guess I'm being stupid and over sensitive to shit, even in my dreams.  I just need to see some people, you know?  And of course it's snowing again. Why won't it stop snowing?  Ry needs to fix the snow blower.  I'm pretty tired of our long ass driveway and shoveling it out every freakin day.  Seriously. 

Hopefully we can get some work done on the cleveland book tonight.  That's the plan, at least.  

Anyway, I feel this post is getting out of hand.  Here's your video for today. 

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