Monday, December 27, 2010

If you think you're hurting now, you ain't seen nothing yet

I was thinking about my new year resolutions this morning.  I have two, maybe three that I have been flirting with.  But the problem with me is that I get really excited about stuff initially and then if I don't do it right away, I am not excited about it anymore and I gradually just don't do it.  But, if I do it right away and keep at it, I'll keep it up.  Here are some examples. 

Dieting:  So, I'll get super excited like "oh, I'm gonna lose a million pounds and be super awesome at this" and I'll go to the store and  buy half a million pounds of healthy food.  Then I'll get home and do really good for three days.  Until Ry has something yummy and delicious.  Or I get a craving for french fries.  Or I'm working and I don't have a refrigerator at work to keep my lunch because my old boss stole it to put in her office even though there is another fridge about 10 feet from her office (true story) and then it's all down hill from there.  It's the slippery fry slope right back to my horrible eating habits.  I really do want to eat better to set a good example for Bear so he doesn't grow up learning that good food is garbage food. Why do they make french fries taste so good?????

Exercise:  Man, here is one I'm pretty mixed bag on.  I mean, I hate being/feeling fat.  Which is constantly in my life except for my short foray into roller derby, when I actually felt really good (I am planning on going back when Bear is older and doesn't care if I'm around or not).  So, I hate exercise.  If I know it's exercise I really really really don't want to do it. See, derby was nice because I didn't realize I was working out, it was fun.  But the exercise bike at home...well, it and I have a love hate relationship at best.  Mostly it's just a hate relationship.  I try to trick myself into thinking that it's not exercise if I'm watching TV or reading a book, but my mind is smarter than I give it credit for sometimes. Like, I'll be pedalling away watching TV and then all of a sudden I realize that my feet are moving the pedals something close to one rotation a minute or something, and then I have to start all over again. 

Ideas or Projects:  So, I get super pumped about something and I want to do it immediately.  So maybe I start it (if I can't start it right away, it just never happens, really) and I'll be all excited about it.  Then, as long as I can keep doing it a little every day, I'll totally make some progress and feel really good about it.  But if for some reason I have to stop for any extended period of time, forget about it.  It's history, it's in the past.  I may even want to come back to it but I'll never be able to find the time to do it.  Or maybe in six months I'll get super excited about it again and the whole cycle will start over again. 

So, I'm thinking about my resolutions with a lot of consideration of myself included.  Hopefully I can keep my new years resolution.  I mean, I did keep this one, I wrote my blog mostly consistently (I mean consistent in amount of posts, not quality of posts, most of my blog posts suck and are pretty boring, so maybe I do mean consistently in quality, too.  Poor quality). 

I'll list them resolutions maybe tomorrow...I need to think on them.  I don't want to get all crazy with my list and make them completely unrealistic for me.  Like, for you, something like "I'm gonna do the dishes everyday" might be realistic but for me that sounds like it sucks massive balls and I am not gonna do it. 

eh, list tomorrow. 

Here's your gosh darn music, stop harassing me.  Seriously.

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