Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The day has finally come, now I can say, it's over, I'm done.

Well, Ry has the flu.  He started feeling pretty bad last night and was puking just before we put bear to bed.  The in the middle of the night I started feeling bad, and I didn't throw up but it went the other way if you know what I mean?  You do.  Anyway, so we both called off this morning.  Roro came and picked up Bear which was tearful and made me feel like shit, he was crying and saying "i'm sorry, I'm sorry" as roro took him to the car.  Yup, I am a horrible mother.  But, I've spent the morning in the bathroom or in bed.  Awesome.  I'm glad I didn't go get my tattoo last night, now.  I think I would have just been more miserable, plus I might have passed this horrid condition on to other people.  I am praying that Bear does not get it.  I think the reason I didn't get it nearly as bad was because I got the flu shot this year.  This is twice this year I've had the flu, I had it in January, too.  

So, I mentioned in there I did not get the tattoo last night, either.  I guess it will happen.  I have no idea when.  Why is it that when other people want to do things, they just do them.  With me, it takes planning and then plans fall through or it's a blizzard out or whatever (it's currently a blizzard out).  

Speaking of that, why won't it stop snowing?  I spent an hour shoveling the driveway yesterday and it looked so good when I was done (shoveling by hand, mind you, if i ever buy another house the driveway will be miniscule) and now there's another six inches of snow down.  Screw you, snow.  My back hurts from so much snow shoveling.  And I'm gonna have to go out and do it again today, even though I'm not feeling great, because Ry is still pretty worse off than me.  Oh well.  I also have to go get bear soon.  

I think we must have about 20 inches of snow here now.  I had a feeling we would have a pretty heavy snow filled winter, with the drought like conditions of late summer and all of fall.  

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