Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unbeknownst to those below, the innocent are free to go, unviolated

White Chocolate Covered Oreos 2.o
Good morning.  I got to shovel a huge path of snow from the intake, it was like a football field of 15 inch snow removal. Good times.  And that's just the beginning, I still have more snow to move! Gah.  Winter in Ohio as a ranger.

Ranger fight in the office this morning, and for once I was acutally on the underdog's team. Believe that?  Yup, it's a weird day for sure. 

Bear slept through the night!  Yeah!  He had a bit of a fever today but it went down so I went to work and he went to grandmas.  I think he's feeling a bit better but now daddy is feeling sick.  I need to stay strong!

I want to go get my tattoo tonight but it won't stop snowing! I want the boys to go with me because I like the company (I'm a big fan of having people hang out with me while in pain to distract me from the pain, at least that worked well last time) and because I'm a bit of a wimp.  I could def do it by myself this time, though.  I'm feeling pretty independent lately, like I could maybe be self reliant?  Maybe.  I'm working on it.  

Anyway...I should get to work.   Cookie Day is Saturday!  Yea!  I'm gonna make molassas cookies. Yum.

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