Saturday, December 4, 2010

I know you see right through me, there's not promise left to break

So, had a horrible day yesterday.  It started out pretty okay, normal for a day off.  Acutually bear slept in until like 745, which is a marathon of sleep for him. Anyway...went to lunch with a friend from work and lost my wallet in the parking lot.  Didn't realize it until I got home, drove all the way back and it wasn't there.  Had a melt down on my way home because ry lost his bank card last night and neither of us would have our cards to finish the xmas season and it's so inconvenient to not have a card anyway.  and my ID would be gone, and all the other stuff in my wallet and I just kinda freaked out.  And ry was a little harsh to me on the phone during my breakdown.  Asher had fallen asleep in the car and when we got home and I tried to put him to bed he woke up and I spent the next three hours trying (unsuccessfully) to get him to nap.  And each time he cried it just pushed me more over the edge.  So by the time Ry got home last night I was a mess.  Bad night.  I know that none of that seems to overly bad for just one day but I was having an emotional breakdown, I'm not sure why I was so upset yesterday.


Just wanted to quickly update you on that stuffs, you know? I have two xmas parties today, one i want to go to and one i don't.  We will talk tomorrow about those...

I'll post another music video.  I don't know if you guys watch these or not but I like finding them and pretending that people listen to them.  I was pretty disappointed that so few people participated in my music recommendation thing on facebook.  Oh well. 

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